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Introduction: Change Plates / Key Catcher / Hand Designed Plate Art

I gave these away to my sisters for Christmas.  I originally saw these in woman's day catalog and thought they looked super neat.  You can get really creative with these.  I made  a ton of these for under 10 bucks!  I wouldn't recommend eating off them, but they make neat change plates or knick-knack

Step 1: Supplies

  1. A clear glass plate
  2. Two different color spray paint cans ( one a dark color, and one a complimentary light color)
  3. A piece of lace or doilie which covers the entire back side of your dish.
  4. Spray Adhesive
  5. Clear Coat Enamel Spray
  6. A piece of felt to fit the bottom of your plate.

Step 2: Set Up Stencil

Attach your lace or doillie to the back side of your plate using spray adhesive.  Make sure that all of the lace is glued down and there are no loose areas the paint will bleed through.

Step 3: First Color

Spray the back of the plate over the lace with your chosen light color.  Make sure to cover the entire back side of the plate.  Be careful not to spray to close or thick so the color does not bleed.  Let Dry.. 

Step 4: Remove Stencil

Remove the lace or doily stencil carefully off the back of the plate.

Step 5: Second Color

Apply your darker color to the back of the plate over to first lighter layer.  Make sure to completely cover the back of the plate.  Get a nice even layer of paint onto the plate.   Let Dry.....

Step 6: Seal

When the dark layer is dry seal with a clear coat to protect the paint.  Let Dry..............

Step 7: Felt Backing

Trace the bottom of your plate and cut a piece of felt which will cover the bottom.  This will protect your furniture from the bottom of the plate.  Attach the felt with spray adhesive.

Step 8:

And your done.  Now just distribute or keep for yourself!!

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