Introduction: Change Mechanics on Acoustic Guitar

I owned this acoustic guitar ( Gonzales ) since 2009 and it sounds really great but there is one thing that is really frustrating : the quality of the mechanics are really bad and i want to change them since i bought it. I also have to change one of them after 2 years of use because it completely break in my hand ( 6th to be precised and you can also see in the photos).

Step 1: Remove Everything

To start of, i remove the strings simply by turning all the strings down to release the tension of them and than cut with a pliers. After that i remove the screws that was on the back of the head of the guitar that were holding the mechanics from the back. I than rotate the body and lose the nuts to take out the mechanics ( i repeated those steps for each mechanics).

Step 2: Put the New Mechanics in Place

After i take out all the old mechanics i placed all the new stuff in place and screw down all the screws making sure to reuse the same hole that was on before. You cannot miss the orientation because is written onto the mechanics itself ( R for right and L for left- 3 for each sides) and also it wouldn't match the holes on the back if you try to put in the wrong way. I than use the washer first and than the bolt that came with the kit to secure all them down.

Step 3: Put Back the Strings

After i change all the mechanics i cleaned the fretboard using the dunlop polish kit and than apply a new set of strings by Martin. The result is really great and these new mechanics hold the tune really well !!

I hope you like and find useful :)