Changing HTC Desire 820 Screen

Introduction: Changing HTC Desire 820 Screen

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Your HTC Desire 820's screen is broken ? Or your touchscreen doesn't work anymore ? Here is how to repair it !

You can buy the whole LCD + digitizer (it's how the touch screen is called) for 30$ if you are patient and order from China.

The operation is fairly complicated and long, if you are not experimented with repairing phones, please do not try this.

I am not responsible of any damaged caused on your phone.

This operation cost me about 1h, because I didn't know how it was built inside, so I was pretty careful and everything went well.

You'll need a basic phone repair kit (look the picture) with a Torx 5, a few spudgers...

Step 1: Changing the Screen

Good luck, watch the whole video and if you have any questions please ask !

Please be careful, do never apply force if you are not sure of what's under or you'll break something !

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