Changing a Flat Tire

Introduction: Changing a Flat Tire

Have you ever been stuck alongside the road with a flat tire? And you don’t have anyone to call. My step by step instructions will hopefully give you an idea of how to change a tire. Also help to get you where you need to be. My instructions for changing a tire will work on just about all vehicles that don’t have locking jug nuts

You will need:

lug wrench

car jack

jack tools

Step 1: Get Away From Traffic

The first step is to get away from traffic, also make sure it is a well-lighted area as this will make changing the tire easier in the dark. As soon as the person notices the tire is flat, he/she should slow down; But don’t stomp on the brakes as this will pull to the side that the tire is flat on. Which could possibly make the person wreck or roll? Make sure the roadside that he/she pulls over to is clear of debris. Debris including chunks of tire, plastics, nails, bolts, or sharp objects that could puncher other tires. Once the vehicle is in a safe location from other vehicles and clean road, now you can turn the vehicle off. Now you can move to step two.

Step 2: Set the Parking Brake

Step two the person will set the parking brake, if it doesn’t work block the two wheels opposite of the flat tire. This is so the vehicle will not roll off the jack and fall on the person or damage more parts on the vehicle. DO NOT try to change a tire on a hill!

Step 3: Locate the Spare Tire

Step three involves locating the spare tire. The spare tire is usually located in the trunk of the vehicle. Also have the user’s manual handy to see how to lower the tire properly. Usually unscrews and lowers the tire or unscrew the butterfly nut that holds the tire in place. Make sure not to use excessive force to take off the butterfly or to lower the tire if it is under the vehicle. If the person uses excessive force and screws the wrong way, the cable may snap then the person will have to put the tire in the cab of the vehicle or in the box of the pickup.

Step 4: Jacking the Vehicle

Step four will be jacking the vehicle either on the frame of the vehicle to raise the tire that is flat. Make sure to jack on the frame of the vehicle and not on plastic. Because jacking on the plastic will not raise the vehicle but will damage the plastic on the vehicle. If the vehicle is a front-wheel-drive vehicle, DO NOT jack on the transmission pan. Jack as close as he/she can to the wheel. Also DO NOT jack on bolts or the axle. Also jack the flat tire only about two inches off the ground. This will make it easier to install the spare tire that is fully inflated to the correct

Step 5: Locating Lug Nut Wrench

Step five will be locating the lug nut wrench that came with the vehicle. Make sure the lug nut tool is not too loose on the lug nut, it should be snug but shouldn’t need to be pounded on to the lug nut. If the vehicle has locking lug nuts the vehicle should have it with the jack or in the glove compartment. Now you will turn all lug nuts counterclockwise to loosen but only a couple turns. DO NOT take lug nuts all the way off until the tire is off the ground. Once the tire is off than taking the spare tire and line up the holes with the wheel studs.

Step 6: Putting Lug Nuts on Hand Tight

Great job so far! Almost done, now the person must screw on the lug nuts hand tight. Make sure the spare tire is inflated to the proper psi. Lower the vehicle to make tightening the lug nuts easier. Then use the wrench to tighten the lug nuts until the person would have to use their body weight to tighten the lug nuts. But DO NOT overtighten, over-tightening can cause wheel studs to snap off or make it harder for shops to take the lug nuts off.

Step 7: Clean Up Time


it is clean up time and to wipe off the tools if they are dirty. After they are clean put them back to where the person found them either in their trunk or under the back seat. Congrats you did it like a pro!!

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