Changing the Engine Oil

Introduction: Changing the Engine Oil

The first thing is to look in your owners manual to find the correct oil specifications for your car. Next is to locate the engine plug underneath the car, along with the oil filter which is usually right around the oil plug.

Step 1:

Now it’s time to get underneath the car, and place the oil pan under the engine plug. Once the oil plan is in place it’s time to grab the 16mm wrench and start loosening the engine plug. Make sure not to drop the engine plug when removing it or you’ll have to fish it out of the oil pan.

Step 2: Let the Oil Drain

Once the engine plug is out it will take roughly five minutes to let the oil to completely drain.

Step 3: Removing the Oil Filter

Now that the engine oil is completely drained, it’s time to slide the oil pan over underneath the oil filter. Grab the oil filter wrench and get back underneath the car. Once your underneath you can start to unscrew the filter. Start slowly because it will be filled up with oil. After some of the oil is drained out of the oil filter you can continue to unscrew the oil filter. Then take the oil filter place it in the oil pan to continue draining.

Step 4: Installing the New Oil Filter

Next we have to take the new oil filter out of its box, and take a dab of fresh engine oil and rub it on the rubber O ring on the oil filter. After you’ve done that then we have to get back underneath the car to install the new oil filter. All you have to do is screw on the new oil filter, it’s recommended to only hand tighten the oil filter on so you don’t damage it.

Step 5: Replacing the Engine Plug

Next you need to replace the engine plug, otherwise if you already started pouring oil into your engine it would just drain straight into the oil pan. Make sure the plug is tightly installed, otherwise oil may leak out.

Step 6: Pouring the Fresh Engine Oil

First open your hood and locate the black and yellow engine oil cap, and unscrew it. Now grab your engine oil and funnel to make it easier. For this vehicle it requires 13 quarts of oil which I found in the owners manual. All you need to do is pour 13 quarts of oil into the oil port. Once you’ve finished pouring all of the oil in then you need to replace the oil cap.

Step 7: Check the Oil Level

Now we need to check the oil level to make sure there’s enough in the engine. To do this locate the yellow dipstick for your engine oil, and pull it out. Once it’s out wipe the oil off the end and push the dipstick back in. Now pull it slowly back out and check the end of it to see if the oil mark is in the full region. Now just push back in the dipstick and you all set to go.

Step 8: Video

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    4 years ago

    Pretty simple task, one that all vehicle owners should know how to do! Thanks for sharing :)