Charcoal Without Lighter Fluid

Introduction: Charcoal Without Lighter Fluid

Step 1: Cheap Charcoal Chimneys

These things work really well. However, this one is less than a year old. They just don't hold up. I used mine with candle wax fire starters. I came up with a way to still do that without the chimney.

Step 2: Making the Fire Starters

Get old candles. I get mine from friends and family and Goodwill stores.

Step 3: Melting the Wax

I use an old pot we found that was missing the handle. We use a hot plate to heat it indoors. It smells great.

Step 4: Recycle Egg Crate

Cut the egg crates into bowls.

Step 5: Fill the Egg Crate Bowls

I used saw dust here. You could also use dryer lint or cotton balls, shredded paper etc....

Step 6: The Process

Dip the whole bowl into the wax. After it's dried I dip again But, I'm sure you don't have too. They are now water proof fire starters that can be used on camp fires, wood burning fire places, charcoal chimneys etc...

Step 7: Make Plenty

I use these things for many different things. They work so well I knew it was all I needed to start the charcoal without lighter fluid. I used these to light my charcoal chimney after just a few times with newspaper. Newspaper and charcoal chimneys rarely worked for me. I've never had one of these fail. The charcoal chimney however did. And so here's how I use then without the chimney.

Step 8: Prep the Grill

Clean the bottom of most the ash.

Step 9: Adjust the Height

You will need the wax fire starter close to the charcoal grill grate. I used a rock.

Step 10: Set the Starter

Place the starter on the rock and light. Don't worry it will burn way longer than needed to get the coals going.

Step 11: Prepare the Rack

Replace the rack that the charcoal sits on. The best part is once there lit you don't really need to move or transfer them. They are already in place.

Step 12: Set the Coals

Stack the coals directly above the wax fire starter. They will light! Without lighter fluid.

Step 13: Bam! Lit!

Once they are hot you can spread them around to however you wish.

Step 14: Ready to Cook

Replace the grilling grate and your done.
You have reduced, reused, and recycled!

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    9 years ago

    Not at all. Each fire starter has less than a table spoon of wax and completely burn up. They are so far gone way before food goes on. Plus at that amount they have no scent.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    How bad do scented candles affect the flavor? Awesome idea though.