Introduction: Charity Shop Mirror Upcycle

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This is my 1st instruct able and I forgot to take a before picture of the mirror but it was a Gold /Beige 70's looking thing that I liked the shape of but not the colour

Step 1: Prep and Spray

After taking out the backing cardboard and mirror ( 4 screws) I gave the frame a brush down to remove any loose dust/ dirt on the frame. The gave it 2 coats of matt spray whilst hung from bungee cords so that I could get around the frame totally

Step 2: Rub N Buff Base

Within the central area I put down a fairly heavy layer of pewter rub n buff with more of a light coating on the outer area to pick up the detailing.After a few minutes I then gave it a quick rub down to give a bit of a shine

Step 3: Ageing

Finally stage was to give everything a coat of watered down black acrylic and then using a clean dust cloth to try and clean it as much as possible to work the pain into the deeper recess and cracks . Once this was dry I then gave another light rub and buff coat to pick up the edges of the details

Step 4: Hanging

After installing the mirror and backing into the frame it was simple enough to rehang the mirror onthe wall