Introduction: Charm Necklaces

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When it comes to making jewelry, it tends to resemble the way that we want to express ourselves, mainly our personalities. So, why not try to bring that concept to life by making your own charm chokers or necklaces, exactly just like how YouTuber Bethany Mota did. Her video entitled "Easy & Quick DIY Choker Necklaces + How I Wear Them" showcased her take on this simple jewelry project. Even if you're not like one the pros, this is like Jewelry 101, but with a more simpler, more crafty approach. Thanks, Bethany! You're the best!

Want to find out how I found the idea? Check out this link

Step 1: Let's Get Started!

Ready to begin your own jewelry line? Let's get started by picking up the following materials...

  • Silky Cord (I bought mine from Joann's for about $3.50)
  • jump rings
  • assorted charms(I bought mine from Michael's for $2 each)
  • scissors
  • jewelry pliers
  • necklace clasps (the ones that I bought are called "Jewelry Fundamentals Cords & More Basic Cords Finding Sets); you can find these for $4; each pack comes with 5 pairs of sets.

Step 2: Silky Cord Cut Up

First things want to measure and cut off how much length of silky cord you would want for each choker or necklace.

Step 3: Necklace Clasp Part 1

Next, you want to take one part of the necklace clasp (the one with the bulb dangling by the end), and use jewelry pliers to clamp it to just one end of your silky cord.

Step 4: Choose Your Charm / Jump Ring

From your collection of charms, pick out the one you like the best. Then, open up a jump ring with your pliers, loop it through your charm and close it up.

Step 5: Loop Your Charm

Now, once you've done that, take your charm and loop it right onto your silky cord. The jump ring should be big enough to loop through.

Step 6: Finish It Off!

Finally, to finish off your necklace, take the other part of your necklace clasp (with the lobster clamp on the end) and close that up on the other end of your silky cord. And you're done!

Step 7: Time to Show Off!

These are some of the charms I've used for my necklaces. (Sorry for a couple of pictures (Angel / Butterfly), it looks kind of shaky. It's not really easy keeping your camera steady, but you get the idea!) These are just some ideas of charms you can pick up from any craft store or jewelry store. The charms that you see were bought from Michael's on clearance for about $1 to $2 a pack (if I'm not mistaken, by the way! LOL!)

  • Angel (Baby Jesus would definitely give this one the A-OK for the holidays!)
  • Butterfly
  • Cross (Madonna would totally get a kick out of this one!)
  • Dove
  • Dragonfly
  • Faith
  • Flower
  • Peace Sign (Hippie Approved!)

By the way, I was inspired to make simple jewelry by my mother, who used to take Jewelry Making classes at Michael's. It was such a great way to learn something new in a way that you haven't never done it before!

Now, go ahead on your own jewelry making craft! No professional experience necessary!

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