Introduction: Cheap Blacksmithing Tongs

Note:(this is my first attempt to make tongs so if you have any ideas how it could be improved, do not hesitate to comment.)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Two pieces of 4 mm rebar 150 cm long (approx 60 inches). You can usually buy rebar in 6m length, ask the seller to cut it for you.

You will need a couple of hammers of different sizes (at least a big and a medium sized one).

You will need something to heat the work and something to hammer on. A vise can make your life much easier, too.

A basic metal saw and an angle grinder won't hurt either.

Step 2: Rat's Tail

This is a very basic move that can be used in a lot of cases like when making hooks.

First put a long round taper at the end of the bar. Then put it at a square end of your “anvil” and hammer it down, then flip it and move it back so it's well supported and hit the bent part towards you. Do this on both pieces. (note: if the other side is poorly cut just put a taper on it and that will make it much better.

Step 3: Bending

Let's get done with the tricky part: it's time to do the bends. They will be done in the vice, try to apply localized heat so it takes less time to heat up. Try to bend both pieces the same degree. Do the second bend the same way as the first.

Step 4: Riveting

Proceed by making a flat spot on both pieces around half way between the two bends. Now its time to check alignment and center punch one piece. Drill it out and use a through punch and drill the other piece. I just used a nail as the rivet since one side is already bigger then the hole. After that I proceeded to cut down most of the nail leaving 5mm extra to the thickness of the two pieces. Put the remaining part of the nail in the hole and heat it up then just bang it flat, it's more ideal if you manage to squish the nail.

Step 5: Final Touches

So as to make it more usable I ground some of the part that touched the work so it holds better and I also ground the rivet flat.

Step 6: Done

so its done not the best but beter then nothing

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