Cheap DIY Bow Butler Quiver Stand $20-$40

Introduction: Cheap DIY Bow Butler Quiver Stand $20-$40

You'll need:

• Quartet instant easel, model #29E - Staples/Amazon, CA$30.
• 2" or 3" PVC tube x 3 feet $5
• 1 x 2" PVC cap
• 2 x 2" clamps $3
• Glue or duct tape.
• 10 minutes.

1. Carefully cut the internal bungee cord near the bottom of the first section of each leg and remove remaining cord. Remove all but the 2 top sections of each leg. Duct tape or glue the seam between the two leg sections, allowing to dry if necessary. Be sure to re-use the pole caps at the bottom of the legs.
2. Attach Pcap to the rough end of the PVC tube. Mark and cut PVC tube to allow for several inches of arrows to stick out.
3. Strap the capped PVC tube to the rear leg of the shortened easel with 2 clamps, not too tight. Put an arrow in the tube to adjust to a comfortable reach height and secure the clamps.
4. Flip down easel supports to hang bow.
5. Done!
6. Consider: Lining the PVC tube cap with soft foam to protect the tips of your arrows when they're dropped in.
7. Painted with Plasti-Dip, ' natch.

Step 1:

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