Cheap DIY Fully Automatic AC Inverter / DC UPS

Introduction: Cheap DIY Fully Automatic AC Inverter / DC UPS

I was travelling from Karachi to Lahore to stay at relative's place, they were facing load shading of 6 to 8 hours daily so due to nature of my work it was necessary for me to have a backup plan like an inverter or UPS as I need to stay online and during those days temperature was a bit hot in Lahore so I decided to make a power backup that can fulfill my needs and provide me backup for 2 to 3 hours at-least.

Step 1: Before Starting

My requirements were:

  1. To charge a laptop
  2. To charge mobile phones and powerup a Charji or Zong internet device(3 phones)
  3. Must have a fan
  4. Must have enough light to light-up a room

I have to keep it with me so it must be small in size and light in weight. By keeping all these things in mind I started working on a solution.

External Accessories

External accessories can be connected with this power house to power-up additional stuff like:

  1. 96 LED Extra Bright Light (equals to 3 to 4 energy savers)
  2. Car mobile charging dock for direct 12V mobile charging
  3. Routers, sound systems can be connected with output
  4. Solar charger can be connected to charge battery via solar input

Backup Timings

Charging Time : 2 Hours to 3 Hours max

Output Timings :

Laptop Charging + Fan + LED = 1.6 to 2 Hours max

Fan + LED = 3 to 3.5 Hours

Laptop Charging = 3 to 3.5 Hours

Laptop Charging + Fan + Extra Bright LED = 1.5 Hours max

Fan + Extra Bright LED = 3 to 3.5 Hours

The DC UPS and AC Inverter I have designed is able to handle load of 200 to 250 Watts, it can power a pedestal fan and television at once, it can be powered by external battery and it has ability to charge external battery upto 80Ah. Its fully automatic and its charger will auto shut down when battery gets full.


  1. Fully Automatic Charger, ability to handle upto 80Ah battery
  2. Fully Automatic Switching
  3. Similar to Sine-Wave output, PWM based output protects load from over voltage
  4. Direct DC Output of 12V
  5. Heat protection, Overload protection, Fuse protection, Short circuit protection

Step 2: Start Assembling

Just follow the diagram I have given

For more details feel free to visit my blog and if you like this project please rate me

Cost of this project:

  1. Box : 200 Rupees
  2. LED, Switches, Wires, Extension, Nuts, bolts, and other stuff = 500 Rupees
  3. Battery 7Ah = 1200 Rupees
  4. Full automatic 5A charger = 1000
  5. Rupees Suoer Power Inverter = 1800
  6. Rupees Server Fans = 600 Rupees


Total Cost of project = 5300/= Rupees – Equals to $53

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