Cheap LED Headlight for Scooter

Introduction: Cheap LED Headlight for Scooter

Hello again scooter fans!

After my first instructable ($20 scooter surfboard rack) i received many positive comments. Thank you guys!

Today Im gonna tell how to upgrade your scooter headlights for 8 dollars! It looks pretty much like xenon and its much better than factory installed headlight bulb.

And once again - sorry for my buggered English :)

Step 1: LED Bulb

I found this light bulb on AliExpress. If you dont know what it is, its like Ebay but made in China. They have lots and lots of very cool and super cheap stuff but you should be very careful because this site is full of scammers and sellers who doesnt speak English at all.

Light bulb I found here but I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TO BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SELLER! Seller was processing my order for a week and after he shipped it ive been waiting for the bulb for almost 70 days!!! I dont know what happened and maybe its just bad luck. Ive opened dispute and got my money back...2 days later i found light bulb in the mail box.. So i got it for free, but anyway!

Different scooters have different headlight bulbs so which one you need you should find out yourself. My TGB 101S have M35 light bulb thread (i think its called thread).

I didnt take any photos of disassembling scooter front coz its very individual procedure.

Step 2: Thats How It Used to Be

Step 3: New Light Bulb

I was actually surprised when i find out that the bulb have hight/low beam. Didnt expect it from LED bulb for 8 bucks :) but its actually works! Like proper low and high beam!

So the main question! Does it worth it?

Absobloodylutely! I know that on my photos you cant really see the difference but its just my photos! It was nice sunny day and i was working the next day so I couldnt be bothered to wait until night.

Its much much better than your ordinary light bulb.

Last thing. If you going to install this bulb make sure that its facing down not up! On the 3rd photo you can see that bulb is facing up so all reflected light is going up. It wont help you to see the road and will annoy other drivers.

Hope youll find this instructable helpful. Good luck :)

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    Zen Innovations
    Zen Innovations

    6 years ago

    This is Great!

    I'm also using LED bulb for my scooter, Its a Cree 30w.

    Can I get distinct Low/High beam pics Please?


    Reply 6 years ago

    I hardly can see any difference to be honest, but when i turn high beam on I can see traffic signs reflection way more further!


    6 years ago

    you experienced something called cargo ship shipping and customs. even the big guys in china get huge delays like that, unless you upgrade to airmail, or they have a pre-stocked warehouse in California (cough DX cough). 70 was a bit excessive though. usually 2 or 3 weeks is a closer estimate.

    great find. (is it really a 29 watt led, for a 6 watt savings? or a 6 watt led for a 29 watt 'energy savings'?) Cant say for certain, but I believe it is a 12 volt bayonet mount( possibly a BA20d), and not a threaded Edison style bulb.

    your English was great! except the phrase you used to say your English isn't good. I think. Perhaps. What is "baggered" English?


    Reply 6 years ago

    When i ordered it it says that the bulb will be shipped by air registered mail. Yea, i expected 2 or 3 weeks but it took 73 days :)

    Yeah! You right! It is BA20d! I remember i read it on the side of my old bulb, just forgot it! To be honest i dont really know about watts and energy savings coz im not really good with electrics.

    Haha i meant "buggered" :)