Cheap Mask

Introduction: Cheap Mask

Have you ever wanted a mask for a DIY film costume and for cheap well, follow he steps below .

Step 1: Buy Mask

Hey guys this is my first instructable Sry if it's no that good but here we go. First you need to buy a blank mask at your local craft store. We're going for cheap and easy to work with so I bout a paper mâché type of cardboard feeling mask for 2.99. You can use a plastic one but if you mess up or want to make multiple its relatively cheap to purchase and this material takes paint well. I forgot to mention make sure it fits your face I made a plague doctor mask that took 2 months and it never really fit right so make sure it fits

Step 2: Add Basic Paint Coat

You want to use a spray paint or brush on non oil paint . You can add other colors and such later but you should put down a base coat . I chose red. It really depends on what you are going to use it for but I am making a hunter and hunted funny DIY film with my friends so I wanted it a bloody red

Step 3: Add Something to Hold It on Your Face

To hold it on your face your going to want to use rope and fit it to your head or an elastic band like a waist band and hot glue it In. I ran out of elastic band so I used twine

Step 4: Put in Lenses

I wanted to put in lenses because I not only wanted my eyes covered and protected but it looks cooler. As you can see I was in a rush and the glue is not perfectly concealed but this is my first instructable. What you want to do Is either Pop out old sunglass lenses or use a plastic bottle and just cut a shape the same size as the opening. For the purple pupil on the left eye I used a transparent craft decoration but you could probable even use a sharpie If you wanted a pupil. But once you have the shapes glue them I. With a hot glue gun.

Step 5: Add Decorations As You Please

I was on a really low budget and used this mask as a test but you can add more paint mabey even horns or whatever you need to put onto it to make it what you want it to be.
I added stitches and a n outline around the eye I also am going to stick the mouth but have to wait until I have the materials but I hope you enjoyed this basic project as I did

Step 6: Wear

Have fun and go make a film or save it as a costume.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! That was a clever idea to use sunglass lenses for the eyes of the mask!