Introduction: Cheap Minecraft 3D Perler Bead Wither Boss With Moveable Head!

It's here! One of the most feared mobs in Minecraft can now be crafted in your house for cheap! It even moves his head! (that is the best part)! I decided that instead of doing just a few perler projects, I will instead start a series of multiple amounts of Minecraft mobs that are built to scale, and are simple and cheap to make. Avoid having to spend $15-$30 on perler bead creations online, and instead follow my simple tutorials on how to make them yourself for dirt cheap! This time we are crafting the devilish Wither! Since this guy just came out on MCPE and Win 10 in the 16.0 update, and Halloween is just around the corner, I decided to make this guy. I would recommend buying a $1.50 bag of 1,000 black beads to make building easier. This project is simple and easy to make, so try out my instructable! Also, I am entering this project into the 2016 Halloween Decoration contest, so make sure to tap that vote button!

Step 1: Crafting the Main Head!

Gotta have the big head to boss around the others! Follow the pattern as shown above, then fuse the pieces together. Then fold the pieces together to make the 3D figure. Keep in mind that the rotating part is yet to come!

Step 2: Building the Two Tiny Heads!

The two heads are almost the same as the first, but simpler and smaller. Again follow the pattern above, then fuse them. Fold the pieces together then repeat the entire process again. You should now have a big head, and two smaller heads.

Step 3: Assembling the Shoulders/moving Neck

This is where the project gets tricky. Follow the pattern shown above, fuse and then pull out a small nail or a paperclip. For the nail, stick the nail through the middle of the bottom inside tile of the main head. For the paperclip, bend it until suitable, then proceed to do the same previous step. Next, get the hot glue gun and paste the two shoulder pieces together with the nail between the two like a sandwich. If you did it right, you should have a firm head that will spin around. Finally, glue the two small heads on either sides of the shoulders. The proper results are shown above.

Step 4: Sticking on the Vertebrae and Tail!

Follow the patterns as shown, fuse, glue together. Repeat the process for the tail. Glue the long piece to the bottom middle of the shoulders, then glue the small piece tilted on the bottom of the Vertebrae.

Step 5: Creating the Ribcage!

It may be stressful to see so many rib pieces, but trust me, it'll be fine. Simply repeat the same rib pattern twelve times, fuse, then glue the pieces into 6 firm ribs. Next, glue the ribs into place on the Vertebrae as shown above.

Step 6: Your Finished!

Now your very own Wither Boss is complete! Show it off to your friends, or give it to one, or simply stash it up with your other nerdy nick-nacks. This serves great as a Halloween decoration for all of you fellow geeks who want to spend less this year. I am entering this project into the 2016 Halloween Decoration contest, so make sure you vote for me! Check out all of my other projects that I have published for your use, and be sure to post a picture of your own 3D wither Boss in the comments section! Also, be prepared for a Minecraft 3D skeleton coming soon! Happy haunting!

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