Studio Organization Ideas

Introduction: Studio Organization Ideas

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I am very lucky to have my craft room all to my own. Everybody else in my family has other hobbies that avoid my workspace. It is not large and it has absolute no built in storage. Dad promised a wall of built-ins but since he is so busy, I decided to to make my space organized by myself.

Opening my Etsy shop,The Paper Clown Shop, means that to use all of my crafting time efficiently, I needed an ORGANISED space. And did I mention that I didn't want to spend a dollar in my overhaul?

My now organized studio has stood the test of time! I am writing this several weeks after and despite all my activity there, it is still inviting, organized, and inspiring!

Step 1: Step 1: Overhaul Your Space

First of all think about how you can make your space efficient. Just because something is there doesn't mean it is the best way. Think outside the box with reconfiguring layout.

Step 2: Step 2: Major Storage

You will need some kind of shelving such as book shelves or chest of drawers.

I already had two standing shelves and two plastic chest of drawers. If you don't have any shelving to spare, shop at your local thrift store for some.

Think upward. I stacked my one plastic drawer on top of another, this cleared some floor space.

For some stylish storage, use old trunks. They look really cute and are wonderful for hiding your supplies. Again, you can find them at thrift stores.

Step 3: Step 2: Cheap Smaller Storage

The only free boxes out there are cardboard boxes. And they are not ugly! You can even decorate them on the outside. Store supplies and paper in them. I placed my cardboard and construction paper in one and tissue paper in another. Both boxes are stored in my trunk together with a cardboard box with yarn.

Purchase plastic organization boxes with different compartments. They are excellent for storing ribbons, trims, and sewing supplies. I fold my lace and use pin to hold it together.

Small plastic bags are good for storing messy things or small items.

Step 4: Step 4: Other Ideas

Place larger flat items behind the shelving. That way they are not in your way while being close by.

I placed my small patterns in a folder. I also have a plastic box with my most used supplies; when I start a project I simply need to pul this out and I have all my tools there.

Step 5: Step 5: Make It Beautiful

This is were you make your creations, so make it inspiring and nice to be in. Hang your favourite pictures and add things that are special to you, such as books and photos.

Don't forget an inspiration board! It is wonderful for tacking up those little odds and ends that inspire you.

Leave some display area for your creations and beautiful supplies. By the way, use cute containers such as glassware, candy jars, vintage jars, or tea boxes to display and store things like pencils, scissors, and other things. For example, I used a tea box to store my hot glue sticks.

After you organize your studio, start crafting and making mess again.☺️

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