Introduction: Cheap and Easy PVC Backdrop for Photos

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WHAT!! Is that you Lil Smokie? What are you going to show us today???

Well it's a cheap, easy, and versatile photo backdrop. You can use any kind of material you want as a backdrop for photos. I created this originally to be a clothes hanger for when I go and vend my Tie Dye. It wasn't as strong as I anticipated so it evolved into my photo backdrop.

***Please note: Mine is a little "ghetto" it has been around a couple of years now and has lost some pieces but still works so thats all that matters***

Step 1: Design Your Backdrop.

I am not an architect so my drawing is very rough.

You get the idea though.

The drawing is just to help you decide what you'll need from the hardware store.

To decide how big you would want this; think about what you'll be using it for. I use mine to hang mannequin bodies on and take pics of tie dye t-shirts. You could use it for a lot of different things though. So just make sure you if make it taller to make the base wider for support. Also You could easily make this into a box as well for product photos!

There is a plethora of different options for connectors so imagine how many of each you will need to construct your backdrop.

Also I have used 3/4 inch PVC, but feel free to use whatever size you find best.

For my drawing you would need to purchase(they will cut it for you at the hardware store for FREE!!):

6 pieces cut to 4 feet

4 pieces cut to 1 foot

6 Elbow connectors

2 4-way connectors

Step 2: Get Supplies

So, again, mine has been used for so many different things and pieces have been lost over a couple years so please understand yours will come out much better. Like mine once was.

After you know the dimensions you want all of your PVC pieces. As well as the connectors you will need.

Go to the hardware store to purchase your supplies. They will cut the PVC into any size you want for free.

The other supply you will need to purchase is some type of PVC Clips.

I have included pics of different types I have encountered over the years. They all work well and they will be used to attach the fabric to PVC.(Sometimes Hardware Stores only offer one kind so you have no choice)

The Fabric is the other thing you need. I am currently using some cheap white fabric I got for free when I bought a memory foam matress topper. Just figure how much you want and what kind you wish to use. Best Place to purchase Fabric is Joann Fabrics. If you are unfamiliar with the Joann Fabrics coupons go over to their website and every week they offer a 40%-50% off one cut of fabric coupons. Jo-Ann Coupons

Honestly this is the "fun part" though deciding what you want to use the backdrop for and what you would want to attached to it.

Step 3: Construct PVC Backdrop

I will reiterate that my backdrop frame is not how a brand new one will come out.

Just follow your sketch and construct it in the way you designed it.

One more thing you could buy if you want this to be a more permeant structure is PVC Glue. I didn't use the glue so I can deconstruct it when I am done with it. Its much easier to store that way.

Step 4: Add the Fabric With the Clips

So no matter what kind of clips you decide to go with the trick I have found is to: Place the clip over the fabric with the back facing the same direction as the front of the backdrop.

Place 3 clips along the top of the backdrop like that. Then twist all the clips so the backs of them are facing toward the back of the backdrop. This ensures maximum "tautness" with the fabric.

Then follow the same pattern for down the sides of the frame. Do both sides with the back of the clips facing front and then twist them all back after they are all placed.

Step 5: Use Bricks If You Need Support

Since my backdrop has seen better days I use two garden bricks to give me extra support on windy days.

Step 6: Figure Out What You Want to Take Pics Of!

So I place my backdrop with the sun behind it. That way I wont get shadows from my items. You can use hangers or mannequins to hang from the top bar. Or you can place stuff directly in front of it.

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable! Please Check out what else I have created! Thanks for reading.

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