Introduction: Cheap and Simple Audio Path Switch

The current setup of my computers audio was a bit annoying, as I had to switch cables at the interface between the amplifier and headphones all the time. I thought I will make a simple switch for that and also make an instructable out of it. It is completely passive and needs cheap and minimal components. This can be used either way, to switch between sources as well.

Step 1: Get the Parts

Needed parts:

  1. Six RCA panel mount plugs(or other style of plug, such as three 3.5mm headphone jacks or a mix thereof), I found a nice panel with 6 Rcas on it at the local electronics store for half an euro.
  2. One 2P2T toggle switch ( most kinds will do, pick the cheapest or prettiest ), I went the cheap route (Note, in some rare cases a 3P2T would be useful to switch the ground too, but for most applications you won't need to)
  3. Wire - I used solid core 0.75mm
  4. Enclosure you can fit it all in, I used a snus case
  5. Solder and cutting tools.
  6. (optional) heat shrink wrap

Step 2: Prepare the Casing

I stripped off the stickers, cut a hole roughly the size of the rca panels backside in the case with a box cutter, drilled holes for mounting and filed the corners off the plug panel so it would be flush. This step varies according to the casing and components you use.

Step 3: Mount Components

Self explanatory, I used screws and washers with nuts on the other side. You can use hotsnot or what ever completes the task.

Step 4: Bend and Solder Ground Lugs

I bent the ground lugs to contact eachother and then soldered them together and connected with wire.

Step 5: Solder Everything Else

Now you can solder the rest, very simply, optionally use heat shrink tubing to neatly isolate the wires and make them more rigid. here's also a crudely drawn schematic of it. Then you just assemble the case and you're done!

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