Customizable Pen Grips

Introduction: Customizable Pen Grips

Like so many other people, I too have bad handwriting. Pens with large grips usually make my chicken scratch writing barely legible but I hate paying 3 dollars for one pen that I will most definitely lose or run out of ink on. So I had the idea to hack my cheap 100 for a dollar pens with Sugru. The nice thing is if I run out of ink or if i lose the pen its no big deal. All i used was one packet of Sugru, scissors, a sharpie and a cheap pen.

Step 1: Materials

Bare Necessities - Pen, sugru, scissors 
Extras- sharpies or other decorating utensils, glitter ect.

Step 2: Roughly Add Sugru

After fowling the directions on the pack roughly add the Sugru to the pen. REMEMBER TO WASH HANDS. Do not spend a lot of time shaping it yet because we still have to move the Sugru to the desired position.

Step 3: Cut and Position Sugru on Pen

To maneuver the Sugru I recommend writing a sentence and sliding the Sugru to the desired position slowly, then repeat till you find the right spot. After positioning cut the excess of the pen by sliding the scissors around pen until it falls (or peels) off. 

Step 4: Smoothing Out

First I recomend pulling out the pen ink cartridge to prevent yourself from marking yourself. Then smooth out by finding out which way works best for you. I found that taking the pen cap and stoking the Sugru smoothed it out the best with out sticking.

Step 5: Decorate

This step is optional but it gives the pen that extra spunk. I did mine with a sharpie and made the color scheme of my local college.  Be creative and get that boring translucent color out of the palette.

Step 6: Let Dry

This is the most important step otherwise the Sugru will cure mashed and not round. Just leave it alone and it will cure as you wanted it too. Lay it on some saran wrap or wax paper (its will stick to my loose leaf paper). Constructive criticism welcome after all this is my first published instructable.

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    Nice job on your first instructable! I like how it's a customizable pen grip. You might want to rethink the "cheap" label, though. Using one packet of Sugru on the pen will cost roughly $1.30. One can find an 8 pack of pen grips on Amazon for $3.49, which translates to about 44 cents each. If the pen is translucent, what about pouring paint on the inside (and dumping out excess) instead for a smoother coat of color?