Cheapest & Effective Fumes Extractor for Soldering Works

Introduction: Cheapest & Effective Fumes Extractor for Soldering Works

Cheapest fumes extractor you have ever seen.when we have to do some soldering work,we use soldering wire, but the fumes comes from that wire during soldering are very toxic to our lungs.So this is the best product to extract those toxic gas which is coming from soldering wire.

Step 1: Required Parts

Required Parts List :
1) DC fans ( 12 V, 1 A )- 2 Pc.,
2) Connecting wires,
3) DC power supply-12 V, 1A,
4) Soldering Iron,
5) Soldering wire,
6) Insulation Tape,
7) Wire stripper & pliers,
8) Screws & nuts,
9) Screw driver,
10) Foam sheet ( smaller than fan size ),
11) Fan grills.

Step 2: Setting Up Fan

Place DC fan in such a way that airflow of fan should be on upward side as given in image above.

Step 3: Foam Setup

1) Place the metal grill on fan such a way that there should be gap in between the grill & fan,

2) After placing grill , place Foam sheet on it.

3) After Foam sheet place another grill on it in a reverse direction than that of 1st grill.

4) Place another fan on the 2nd grill in same direction of 1st.

5) Please confirm that the flow of air of both the fans should be on upper side.

6) Make sure that you should place both the grills in such a way that there should be gap between grill 1 & fan 1 and grill 2 & fan 2.Because if it's wouldn't place in proper way then their is chance that foam can come in contact with fans and it'll stop the fans.

7) Tighten up both fans,both grills & Foam with screws & nuts. Tight Screws & nuts enough to hold both fans ,grills & foam together. Make sure that you compress foam not too hard.

Step 4: Connection of Fans.

1) Check for wires of both fans.Some fans can have 3 wire as for negative, positive & for sensing. So cut that sensing wire because it won't be needed.

2) Connect positive wires of fan 1 to positive wire of fan 2 & do the same for negative wire .

Step 5: Adding Power Supply

1) Take out two wire , 1 from positive connection of both fans & 1 from negative connection from both fans which have been connected in previous step.

2) Connect negative & positive terminal of DC Adapter or DC supply to negative & positive terminal of those both of fans respectively.

Step 6: Working

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    7 years ago

    Nice and simple. Thanks for sharing this neat little fume extractor!