Cheap/free Traffic Cone I-phone Amplifier - Updated

Introduction: Cheap/free Traffic Cone I-phone Amplifier - Updated

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Hi, this is actually an updated version of an instructible I did a while back in another profile (here ) showing you how to make a cheap or free (depending on how unscrupulous you are) method of creating an amplifier for your i-phone using only a traffic cone.

I oringally got the idea when i saw a very nice but very expensive iphone amplifier and it struck me that a low tech alternative was readily available not too far from our front door

I apologise in advance as some of the photos are a bit grainy

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Traffic cone

Dremel with cutting attachment (but a hacksaw will do)

I-phone charger

Step 2: Marking It Out

Using the iphone as a guage mark out your cutting area.

You want to mark it roughly 2/3 thirds to 3/4 quarters across the top of the cone down to just above the quarter way mark close to the narrowest end of the cone. the gap should be roughly 1.5 cm wide and at an angle so that the speakers at the bottom of the phone are aimed down the cone.

Note: make sure your marked cutting area is running parallel to the flat edge at the base of the cone.

Step 3: Cut It Out

Using your cutting tool of choice, in this case a dremel with cutting tool, cut out your marked area.

Step 4: Additional- Wire It Up

For prolonged use you may want to feed your charger through the hole at the top and plug into the phone. This way you don't need to worry about it draining your phone battery.

Step 5: Finished

And there you have it, an incredibly cheap i-phone amplifier. the sound is a little bit tinny but at that price what more can you ask for.

Feel free to give it a lick of paint if you wish to

This instucable was in no way endorsed by apple but is by the "Give a cone a home" charity.

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