Checking Out Books From Milner Library

Introduction: Checking Out Books From Milner Library

Milner Library is Illinois State University's library, and maintains thousands of books and resources for its students. To search for a book and check it out is a very easy and simple task. The purpose of this document is to educate students about how the checkout process works. For the purposes of these instructions, we will be looking for a book, however these instructions may be general enough to help you find any other resources you may be searching for.

Items Required:

  • ISU ID
  • Computer or Mobile Device (Students are welcome to the computers within the Library)

Step 1: Going to the Milner Library Website

First, go to the Milner Library website at You will be greeted with a search bar that will help you find whatever resource you are looking for.

Step 2: Books and Media Tab

Click on the “Books and Media” tab.

Step 3: Select a Title You Would Like to Search For

Type the title of the book you would like to find in the search bar (our example is Mountains of Madness) and then press enter or click the search button.

Step 4: Find Your Target Book

Search for your book in the list that has popped up. In the example above, the book is the first item listed, for your searches this may not be the case. You should scroll down the page to find the book you would like. According to the website, the book is available. If it is not available, meet with a librarian to discuss alternative options.

Step 5: Go to the Indicated Floor of the Library

Go to the floor of the library that the “Location” field indicates. In our example, the book is on the 6th floor.

Step 6: Find the Shelf With the First Two Call Numbers of Your Book

Milner Library uses the Library of Congress Classification for call numbers. That is the Call Number row of information. In our case we are looking for PS3523.O833 AB 1964. To start, look for sections of shelves with the first two letters of the Call Number (for us, this is “PS”). Once you have found a section with the same two first letters, proceed to next step.

Step 7: Find the Shelf With the Next Four Call Numbers of Your Book

Your next step will be to search shelves in that section for the next four numbers. For us this is “3523”. They will be in ranges along the sides of the shelves. The range for our book specifically is “PS3515.U2 – PS2525.I4”. Once you have found the correct shelf, proceed to the next step.

Step 8: Find the Shelf With the Last 4 Numbers of Your Call Number

Now continue searching using the last 4 numbers of the call number. For us this is “O833”. Begin looking on your shelf, the numbers should go in order so if you find a final set of four numbers greater than your number go the other direction, and if you find a final set of four less than your number, go the other direction.

Step 9: Look in the Area to Find Your Book

Once you have found your final four numbers. Begin looking in that immediate area. You should find your book very quickly. If you have trouble you can use the extra information on your call number for us this is “AB”. These should be ordered alphabetically. If you still cannot find your book, feel free to contact a librarian at the front desk who can help you find the book.

Step 10: Take Your Book to Checkout

Now that you have the book you would like to checkout, you need to go down to the lobby to checkout.

Step 11: Using the Self Service Checkout Machine

You can easily checkout the book you would like from the self service checkout machine. Alternatively, you can have a librarian help you checkout as well. We will be using the self service station. Start by following the on screen instructions and scan you ISU Student ID.

Step 12: Using the Self Service Checkout Machine (cont.)

Once the machine has told you that your id has been scanned, place your book in the tray so that the bar code is exposed to the scanner.

Step 13: Finished!

Once the machine has told you that it has finished scanning, click the “done” button. The machine will ask you if you would like a receipt. Make your selection and congratulations, you have now checked out a book from Milner Library! For most books you have four weeks until you have to return the book.

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