Introduction: Cheery Mini Orange Strip Quilt

Sometimes I just want to sew something happy. Today I picked yellow and orange, and not the usual orange, this orange doesn't have anything to do with the city of the witches and Halloween where I live. It's chickens and carrots.

Step 1: Choose and Cut Fabric

Choose at least 4 fabrics. Cut them in 2 inch strips. Since I am working with scraps, I cut the strips in 13 inch lengths. If you were using not scraps you'd cut the entire width of the fabric in 2 inch strips.

Step 2:

Line up 4 strips. If you want to do the step design use the same fabric for the first strip on all the squares. Pin the top two fabrics together, then the bottom two. Sew and pin the two sets of strips together. Iron.

Step 3: Cut Squares

cut across the 6.5 x 13 pieces to make two 6.5 inch squares. Repeat the whole process untill you have enough squares. I needed 9 squares.

Step 4: Sew Squares Together

Lay out the squares in any pattern you like. Sew the top row of squares together then sew the rows together.

Step 5: Binding

Cut two 2 inch strips the full length of a piece of fabric. Sew one strip down each side, even with the edges of the quilt. Then sew a strip across the top and bottom incorporating the side strips. Voila! A Quilt.

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