Introduction: Cheesecake Filled Donut Holes

What makes a person well rounded? Well... these will likely help you on that journey. This was another one of my mad experiments in the kitchen, and let me tell you they are quite tasty and very easy to make.

So lets make some Cheese cake filled donut holes with dark chocolate icing sprinkled with freeze dried strawberries.

All you'll need is canned biscuits, some oil to fry them in, a boxed no bake cheese cake, and some supplies to make a simple icing glaze. (some assembly requires, use of certain utensils suggested, and results may vary)

Step 1: Getting Ready

The oil will take for ever to heat up, and then promptly get too hot when you get bored of waiting and look away for a second. So You might as well get it started now.

You're aiming for between 325F and 350F.

Meanwhile you should open that can. The one with the biscuits.

The proper technique for these is to hold it out far in front of you while flinching and/or blinking rapidly in anticipation of the explosion. Only to be disappointed when the 'pull here' tab fails to open it, and then have to work at it a bit... only to make a startled noise and nearly drop it when it finally gives with a soft 'pop'.

You'll want to reduce the size of your biscuits. It's okay we all feel that way sometimes.

Cut them in half or in quarters, In this case I cut 6 biscuits in half for 12 donut holes. You'll want something similar to a cherry tomato so larger biscuits can be cut in thirds or quarters.

Step 2: Getting Set

Since the oil is half way to 325F you should still have time to open the no bake cheesecake box and pull out the packets inside. One is a white powder, and the other is the crumbs for the crust. We'll be using the crumbs to dust the donuts when they come out of the oil.

I'll let you make your own crumby puns for this.

Step 3: Go Nuts With the Donuts

Now that you've found the oil has gone up to 375F and taken it off the heat to cool down we are almost ready to begin. Wait for it to cool below 350F but don't wait too long to add the dough balls to the oil.

Once you've dropped the ball, they will splash, no matter how softly or close you get to submerging your hand in boiling oil. and when they go in they will fall to the bottom, and sort of hang out there. Eventually they will rise up, so watch for them.

once they are floating it really is a matter of seconds. I usually give a five count. Some will flip themselves others won't. You'll have to flip them off... um over, I mean over.

You're looking for a light golden brow color. It's important that the oil doesn't get below 320F because then it soaks into them and makes them greasy, and not over 350F or they will brown in 3 seconds while the centers are still doughy.

when they are done you can scoop them up, drop them in the crumbs and shake.

Tada, you've made 10 graham cracker dusted donut holes.

Step 4: Taking It to a Hole New Level

You don't need the whole cheesecake filling for this, so mix up about two tablespoons of the powder with about two and a half tablespoons of whole milk inside the bottle you plan to use for injecting it into the donut holes, and stir.

Congratulations you've now got a minute before it sets up into a blob in the bottom of your bottle that is hard to remove.

I chose the red mustard bottle, because I can't spell ketchup reliably. And because the nozzle is great for filling donut holes.

Step 5: Filling You In

To get started you are going to have to poke a hole inside a hole.

No time to think about the implications of that, you've got to get that cheesecake into the donut holes post haste.

Put the nozzle into the opening you started, but avoid jabbing it through the back, pull it back as you squeeze out a bit of the filling and it should leave a little dollup in the end.

When you are finished you'll have 8 delicious cheesecake filled donut holes dusted in graham cracker crumbs.

Step 6: I Can Top That

Good job. Now to make the icing for your cheesecake filled donut holes.

They don't require it. They are perfectly fine as cheesecake filled donut holes with graham cracker crumb coating, but this is just icing on the cake.

This is also super easy. Literally a tablespoon of powered/icing sugar, and a tablespoon of milk, toss in about 14-18 dark chocolate disk thingies. That's the technical term for them.

microwave for about 30 seconds.stir. That's kind of it.

while it's still warm spread it on your 6 donut holes, or dip them.

Step 7: Now Lets Make It Count As a Serving of Fruit.

As an added treat I got a bag of freeze dried strawberries to crush and sprinkle on my four donut holes. And there you have it, 2 cheesecake filled donut holes dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with freeze dried strawberries.

You could go the extra mile and make your own biscuit dough as well as a from scratch no bake cheesecake, but frankly that seems to be a lot of extra work for the 1 donut hole you end up with.

Maybe if you made them in larger numbers.

This donut hole may not look big, but if you've made it like I did, you'll discover this packs enough calories that you'd think you ate twelve of them... *Burp* I need to go lay down for a bit.

Happy baking.

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