Introduction: Chefs Knives Drawer Sorter/ Knife Protector

Here's the unsafe mess. And a not too good a storage idea.
I just moved into a small apartment after a separation.
I do have a magnetic blade holder, but knives have fallen on more than one occasion...not cool.

Step 1: Measure Your Drawer Span...

...make sure you measure twice per the ancient rules of woodworking.

Step 2: Make Mock Up

Proof of concept.
I grabbed a splintered piece of 2x4, sawed in grooves for blades and, i liked it.
I could have left it "hobo" like this, but I wanted something just a wee bit more handsome.

Step 3: Gluing Up

If you aren't using solid stock of your favorite wood, then you'll have to glue something up.
These are drops, i was given, from a cabinet shop in New Orleans by my friend Chris Kirsch.

Step 4: Sand Well...

...your workpiece...apply a stain/varnish, oil, etc.

Step 5: Notch...

...your workpiece.

Step 6: And Bob's Your Uncle

Knives are supported and held in place. No worries about fishing round for the one you want. No worries about knocking the honed edges on other blades.
I hope this simple, fast project will serve its purpose.