Introduction: Chemistry Structures With Straw and Wire

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Crystal chemistry is the study of the principles of chemistry behind crystals and their use in describing structure-property relations in solids. Create your own structures with some daily use stuff and easy steps to learn crystals.

Step 1: Get Straw and Wire With Hard Material

Step 2: Cut and Fold Wire

Cut wires in small pieces and fold like show in picture

Step 3: Make Cornner Holders

Bi corner holder can make by simple holding wire in U shape.

Tri corner hoder can make as shown in image.

Quad corner holder can make by folding wire in + shape

Step 4: Basic Shape Formation

You can create basic shape by joining different corners and straws.


Step 5: Create Triangular Pyramid

need 6 straw and 3 tri corner joints

Attach straws and joints as shown in image.

Step 6: Create Shapes for Learn Crystal Chemistry

You can create some complex shapes for study crystal chemistry.

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