Chibitronics Game of Chance

Introduction: Chibitronics Game of Chance

Have the need to flip a coin to determine who will do the dishes? Walk the dog? Activate a duel card in your deck? Well, maybe the next time you need to determine the outcome with a game of chance, you will go with this one created using Chibitronics.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials

- Chibitronics Copper Tape

- 2 x Chibitronics LED stickers

- 2 x 2032 Batteries

- 2 x Binder clips

- 4 x Regular Index Cards

- Scissors

- Marker

- Pencil

Step 2: Draw Out Your Card

First step is to draw the first card. On this one, you will have it shifted to one side. You also need to shift a second card over the top of it as you draw to account for about 1/4 of the card.

Draw out the card to include the battery at the bottom and the LED close by it (refer to picture).

The card that you laid on top will be used as the completion of the circuit. So, shift it to one side so that it would complete the circuit if it were to be on top of the card. Draw a line (or two) that would be used for this.

Do the same with another 2 cards, but make them mirror opposites of the cards you just did.

When you have both sets drawn out, be sure to indicate which one shifts to the Left and which shifts to the Right. This will be important when it comes time to play.

Step 3: Tape the Card

Now it's time to lay the copper tape on the lines you drew. You need to do this on both the bottom and top card. Make sure to hold the battery in place with the binder clip to keep it in place.

To test, just lay the corresponding card on top and see if the LED lights up.

Make sure you do the same with the second set of cards.

Step 4: Game Time

Let's play! So, how do you play now that you have the cards created?

Player 1 takes both of the overlay cards. Player 2 takes the two bottom cards (aka, both of the LED cards).

Both players choose one card, without telling the other player.

On the count of three, both players put their cards in front of them.

Player 1, plays by laying their card on top of Player 2's card. If the LED lights up, they win. If it doesn't, they lose.

Swap cards, and repeat.

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