Introduction: Chicken & Papaya Soup

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This is a regular at our  home in the Philippines; not least because there is a Papaya tree growing in the back yard next to the Mango tree.

Step 1: Gather Thy Ingredients

I bought most of them at the local supermarket (meat was bought at "the wet market" by April & Papaya was knocked off the tree in the back yard).

You need:
Chicken (we had 2 breasts and 5 drumsticks) around 1 1/2 pounds total
Chicken bullion cube (we used 1)
Papaya (ours was pretty big)
Cooking oil
Salt & Pepper
Garlic (we used 3 cloves)
Onion (we used 2 TINY red onions)
Ginger (we used a small piece around 4 inches long)
Magic Sarap OPTIONAL (See the picture!  From what I can tell, it's flavored MSG. The locals use Magic Sarap in EVERYTHING)

The bottle of "Emperador Light Brandy" is NOT used in the recipe.  Aprils father was celebrating  completing a project.

Step 2: Prepare BEFORE You Start Cooking

1) Dice the onion and garlic cloves.
2) Slice the piece of ginger fairly thin then SMASH it with the flat of your cleaver
3) Pull off the skin from the breasts.  Chop the chicken breasts into 2" chunks so it cooks about as fast as the drumsticks.  Left the skin on the drumsticks because the kids don't care.
4) Quarter the papaya.  Discard the seeds and pithy stuff in the middle.  Peel.  Chop into about 1" chunks.  This is NOT precision prep work.

Note that  the octopus being diced  in the background, and the quartered melon on the left are NOT part of this recipe.

Step 3: Get Cooking

1) Put some oil in the bottom of your pot.  I'd guess we used 2 to 3 tablespoons (no measuring spoons or cups here!).
2) Turn the "fire" to medium high depending  on your stove.  We used the electric hotplate for this stage.
3) Saute the onion & garlic for a couple minutes until they are fragrant.
4) Add the bullion, salt (doesn't need much), and pepper (I  guess a TSP).
5) Toss in the Chicken chunks.   Brown all over by shaking the pot now and again.
6) Add water (1 1/2 quarts I'm guessing,  It's not THAT difficult to figure out)  Cover the chicken completely and  then a couple inches more).  Turn up the heat until the soup is at a roiling  boil.a little. We used the forced air charcoal stove for the  rest of the cooking.  You probably could just turn YOUR stove to high.
7) Cook until the chicken is cooked through.  I'm guessing 10 to 15 minutes.
8) Add the Papaya chunks and  cook another  5 to 10 minutes (until the chunks are tender).
9) Serve with rice (as required by law in the Philippines for all food items).

Step 4: Feed

I  was VERY skeptical about this  when it was first served to me.  Much better than you'd imagine.

And, if you leave out the Magic Sarap, chock EMPTY of stuff people are so sensitive to.  No gluten, MSG, nuts, etc.

How  can  you go wrong with a soup made with fruit?

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