Introduction: Childish to Stylish Necklace

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It's great when you make something that looks expensive, but it's even better when you are creative enough to make an expensive looking item from cheap materials.

I like to buy crafting materials that can be used in many ways. When I saw this cheap bright beads, I knew I could turn them into something amazing.

I hope this project inspires you to think outside the box with materials you currently have or are planning to buy.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Cheap bright beads


Leftover beads from another project

Nail polish

Polymer clay (optional)

Elastic thread or Wire and pliers

Step 2: Plan Your Design

I chose the beads I needed and decided I needed an extra bead in the shape of a heart.

So I made that bead with polymer clay.

It's important to remember to make the hole before baking the clay.

Step 3: Paint the Beads

Now paint the beads with the nail polish. I love that there are tons of different colours available, and they can be very cheap. Mine is black with tiny sparkles.

If you want them flawless, take your time and follow these tips:

If more than one coat is needed, wait until they're completely dry.

Don't attempt to cover the entire bead, paint it in two steps. I painted first the letter, then the top. This way there's always a dry part to hold the bead while painting.

You can get a different finish with a top coat, use a clear top coat to make it more shiny. Or use a matte top coat.

Step 4: Assembling the Necklace

Once all the parts are ready, make the necklace.

I decided to use only clear beads so that the black ones stand out.

And we're done, now you have a stylish necklace instead in a childish one.

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