Child's Workbench Bench Top #1 Solid Core Door




Introduction: Child's Workbench Bench Top #1 Solid Core Door

The Instructable " Build A Child's Workbench Any Size You Want" shows how to build a child's workbench but not how to construct the bench top. This is the first in a series of Instructables on building inexpensive stout bench tops. All will be suitable for a parent and child to build together even if they have little or no woodworking experience. This bench top was made from a solid core door. I got it for free off of Craigslist. After using part for a different project I have a piece 37-1/4 long and almost 32" wide. Perfect to make a bench top.

Step 1: Cut Door to Size

Cut your door into two pieces. In this case the remnant I had left gave me two pieces 37-1/4" long and 15-3/4 " wide. These two piece will be screwed together to make a bench top 3-1/2" thick. You could get by with only a single layer but this bench will last a hundred years and you don't want future generations saying that Great Great Great Great Grandpa cheaped out. Solid core doors can easily be cut with either power or hand saws.

Step 2: Drill Screw Holes

You are going to use screws as little temporary clamps to glue the two pieces together. You are going to take the best looking surface and place it upside down. Next take the other piece at place it on top. You are now going to drill 7/32" diameter holes through the piece on top about every 6" or so. Don't worry about exact placement just get a bunch of them. You will notice that I placed spacers on the drill to make sure I don't drill to far into the second board. If you do not have a 7/32" drill bit, a 1/4" drill bit will work.

Step 3: Apply Glue

Someone once asked me if gluing wood together was messy. I told them only if you are doing it right. That is why put down some brown paper before starting. Any sort of paper will do. Spread the glue on the evenly on the bottom piece and then place the other piece back on top. Side it around a little to help even out the glue. Any excess glue can be cleaned up with water and a rag. Use wood glue of your choice. Make sure both of you are wearing work clothes that can get ruined.

Step 4: Screw It Together

Align the two pieces and start placing screws, starting at on end and going to the other. You want a screw with a big head. I recommend these.

Flat Ended Lag Screws.

The reason for the holes is so that screw easily slips in, where the head of the screw holds the top piece in place as the threads pull it into the other piece. They are working as temporary clamps. Wait an hour of so and then remove the screws. Clean up any glue that leaks out and water and a rag.

Step 5: You Are Done

All you need now is a base to hold it. Here is the bench top on the base shown how to be built in the Instructable "Build A Child's Workbench Any Size You Want" to get instructions on how to do so. It is can easily be disassembled and reassembled with the removal and reattaching of eight lag screws.

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