Introduction: Chili Pepper Salad

You love chili peppers? You love spicy food? Then this is salad your you! In video you can see how to make this hot salty sour salad!

Ingredients are:

chili pepper



For preparation of this salad it takes 48 hours because between some steps it must pass 24 hours!

Step 1: Wash Your Chili Pepper

Wash your chili peppers! There might be some bugs or leaves in them so this a must!

Step 2: Cutting....

Cutt your chili peppers in 0.5 to 1 cm wide parts. I used scissors to do this. You can use kitchen knife and kitchen board. If you use kitchen board make shure that you wash it before using it for something else.

It is wise to use rubber gloves when doing this!

Step 3: Salting and Mixing

Now we need to salt there chopped chili peppers. I added salt by my own measurements - on one hand full of peppers two small spoons of salt. Mix it with spoon or hands. After you finish with salting, mix it once again. Leave it for 24 hours before going on next step. During this time salt will penetrate deep into peppers.

Put a top on pot or place where chili peppers are because they will dry out.

Step 4: Dry Out Salted Peppers

After 24 hours....

It's time for next step....

First we need to dry out these peppers. Because of salt water is "generated" in peppers and pot. I used papper towels to dry them a bit. It's very wise to use rubber gloves when you doing this.

How to do it? I put few layers of papper towel on kichen table and put some salted chili peppers on it and "rubber" it for few times (as you can see it on video).

After you dry out all peppers it time for next step!

Step 5: Add Vinegar

Now it's time to add some sour taste into chili peppers! We are doing this by adding white vinegar (not apple not vine vinegar)! Add as much as it takes to all peppers are covered with vinegar. If your out of vinegar it's ok to add small amount of water so that peppers are covered in liquid.

Wait for 24 hours for next step. During this time vinegar with enter deep into peppers so now your peppers will be salty and sour!

Step 6: Removing Vinegar

In this step we need to extact vinegar from peppers or vice versa :) (don't know if extrancting is right term for this)

I extacted peppers from vinegar by using big soup spoon and big colander. It you be good for peppers in colander to mix with spood so that as much vinegar can go out!

In this step you can make one extra product. Vinegar that was left behind is hot and salty. You can store it in some bottle and use it for salads or when making some food.

Step 7: Putting in Glass Jars

Before storing in glass jars you need to sterilize jars. I use my oven to do this. Insert jars in oven and start oven for few minutes on 250 C. Be careful so that you don't get burn!

After few minutes, take out jars from oven. Wait a minute for them to cool down.

Put peppers in jars. If you have plastic or wooden cross you can put it inside of a jar so that peppers down float on top.

Step 8: Final Step....

And final step!

When you filled jars with peppers it's time put vegetable oil in jars. It's important that all peppers are covered with oil.

You can use olive oil for this if you want.

After this, you peppers are finished but... you have to wait for 2 weeks until they are ready for eating!

I can't wait for this two weeks to pass!

So... thats it!

Bon appetit!!!

Step 9: