Introduction: Chimborazo Project

I chose the Chimborazo because is representative, I love it and it is a very interesting place to visit in Ecuador, i reccomend you to visit the Chimborazo with your family. I used Tinkercard to create it because it is very easy platform to use and to manage. It was a very interesting project for me because it helped me to improve my technology skills.

Step 1: Step 1 the Base

To create the base I used the box tool and adjust it to the sixe that i wanted

Step 2: Step 2 the Mointains and Snow

To create the mountains i got the cone tool and adjust the mountain as the sixe that i wanted and then got the paraboid to create the snow

Step 3: Step 3 the Clouds and Rocks

To create the clouds i got the doodles and drew the shape that i wanted and then adjust them were they needed to be, lastly i used the pyramid tool to make the rocks