Introduction: Chimichanga Burger

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Hello Instructables!

Two of my favourite foods are Mexican/Tex Mex and burgers so I decided to combine the two to make the Chimichanga Burger and now I am going to share it here. This will just be for a basic burger but you can add different ingredients to customise your own chimichanga burger.

This Instructable involves a bit of frying so be careful around hot oil, we will be shallow frying but this can be done in a deep fat fryer should you have one. The only other danger is potential weight gain after eating one :)

Let's get started......



Beef mince, 500g makes about 4 patties and I am going for a 20% fat mix.

Tortilla wraps (regular size, not the mini ones)

Taco seasoning (but you can alternate this with your favourite burger seasoning)

Cheese slices (I uses singles as the melt better)





Mixing bowl


Cling film

Frying pan

Slotted turner or alternative to flip the burgers(not picture)

Oven hob (not picture)

Additional but not necessary

A burger former

Step 1: Makin the Patties


Take your mince, seasoning, egg and put them in the mixing bowl.

Mix them evenly.

Divide the mixture into four and shape them into patties about 2cm thick (I'm only cooking two here. if you used fresh mince these can be frozen for later)

Put them on a plate and cover with clingfilm.

Place them in the fridge and let them sit for at least 10 mins (longer if you can wait)

Step 2: Fryin the Patties

Add a teaspoon of oil to your frying pan and bring to a medium/high heat.

Carefully place your burgers into the pan and cook to your desired finish, I usually aim for about 3 mins each side.

Once cooked remove from the pan and add some more oil. You want about 0.5 deep.


Step 3: Wrappin the Patties

While the oil is coming up to heat you can assemble your burger remembering to keep an eye on your frying pan.

Lay out your tortilla and place some salsa in the middle.

Place the burger on top of the salsa and the cheese on top of the burger.

You can add other ingredients as well (like bacon hmmmm)

Starts wrapping the burger. I start by folding one edge into the centre and working my way around in a nip/tuck type of style.

Once you have completely wrapped the burger flip it over to hold the folds in place.

Step 4: Fryin the Wraps

Once the oil is hot enough (food should sizzle as it hits) add your burgers fold side down first and fry for about a min or until golden before flipping the burger (I over did it a bit here because i was too busy trying to get the best photo)

Step 5: Enjoy!!

And that's it!

Plate up and enjoy with your choice of sides (you may want some paper towels on hand as they can be a bit greasy)

I also like to make a tub of cheese sauce and dip the burgers into it for additional nom-ness.

As always I hope you enjoyed this instructable and as always, thoughts, comments and suggestions for alternative fillings are welcome in the comments section below.

Happy munching!

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