Introduction: Chinese 5 Spice Candle!

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I'm back with another candle... And this time there's fancy photoshop in the mix!

This candle is infused with Chinese 5 Spice seasoning, may look a bit generic... But wow does it pack a punch!

This candle is another example of something that you can do yourself... You don't need to spend money on scented candles, DIY!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

A finely ground spice
An old candle (unscented)
Salvaged wicks
An old container
A saucepan
A drinks can

Step 2: Get Your Spice, Get Your Wax!

I took a look through the spice drawer, and this one caught my eye. It was a Chinese 5 Spice mixture...
I filled up a 30ml jar with the mixture (for measurement purposes), and put it aside for later.

Now, the candle I'm using was already used for a previous project but there was plenty left over for what I was doing!
I got out the pen knife, and scraped the red wax off, and got around to cutting it up

Step 3: Getting Started

Bring your saucepan full of water to just under a boil, and stick in your can full of cut up wax.
To find out more about this process go to my previous project!

While it's heating up, search for a container to set your candle in.
I found this yoghurt jar and sweet tin...

Step 4: Melt That Wax!

After a minute or two, you should notice the wax starting to melt...
You can speed up the process by pushing solid wax into already melted wax with a spoon!

Step 5: Add Your Spices!

I just tipped the jar in and stirred for a while.
If I was to do it again, I would have stirred it for longer, because all of the spice didn't dissolve.

Feel free to mix spices too, you never know what mixture you can get!

Step 6: Time to Pour!

Bring your equipment to a surface like a worktop, and pour your mixture into your container.

I decided to use the sweet tin, because I had enough wax!

Don't forget to source a candle wick as well, I just happened to have some left over...

Step 7: Let It Set!

I'll tell you it was a big job to keep the wick standing, so I set up this contraption to hold it in place.
It looks similar to the top of a well!

This was a large volume of wax, so it took <45 minutes to set.
I was surprised to see how much the colour had changed when it solidified...

Step 8: Finishing Touches!

For aesthetic purposes, I added a sprinkling of the Chinese 5 Spice to the top of the candle.
I was delighted how it had turned out, but the proper scent didn't develop until 24 hours had passed since the time of setting...

Step 9: Light It Up!

Now your candle is finished, and it is time to test it out...

I hope you enjoyed this instructable, and make sure to follow me if you did!
Keep in mind there are loads more projects on the horizon :)

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