Introduction: Choco-Oreo Pie !! No Bake !!

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For all those chocolate lovers, Just like me, This pie tastes just yummmm...... Its almost like...death by chocolate....

This is an easy peasy pie and it does not require BAKING !!! Half hour and the pie is ready !! but there is a difficult part in it... i must admit a very difficult one....its Waiting !!! Waiting for it to set !! But like i said.... one bite of it was worth the wait !!

If you try it out, Do tell me !!

Step 1: Tyme to Gather Stuff !!

Ingredients & Supplies.


1)25-30 nos Oreo Biscuits for crust & 6 nos for pudding
2)1/4 Cup Butter (Melted)
3)1 Tbsp Cornflour
4)1 Tbsp cocoa powder ( to skip step 3 & 4, 1 pkt Jello Chocolate instant pudding can also be used )
5)1 cup Milk
6) 4 Tbsp Nutella ... its ma fav. ingredient
7)1 Pkt Jello Oreo Instant pudding
8)Bar Chocolate ... for garnish..Optional
9) Whipping Cream..

1) Mixing Bowl
2) Hand/ Electric Beater
3) Pan with spatula
4) Food processor
5) 10" Pie Dish or Your fav. deep dish to set the whole thing in.

Step 2: Lets Make the Base !!

In a food processor, add the Oreo cookies and blend until it all breaks down and the texture of coarse meal or crumbs is seen.

Melt the butter in microwave and add. Blend until well combine.

Place the ground crumb mixture into a 10" pie pan and press onto the bottom and up the sides evenly. I used bottom of a flat bowl to help me with this process. It turned out neat.

Try to make the crust thick.....and even all around.

Refrigerate the crust for at least an hour.

It started lukin yummy at this stage itself ;)

Step 3: Lets Work With Nutella !!

Bring Nutella at room temperature. This way it will be a semi liquid state. Just perfect for us to work with.

Add Nutella in a bowl with whipping cream and mix it using a Hand / Electric beater. When well Blended, Keep it aside.

In a small pan, heat Milk on medium flame. Add Cocoa powder and corn flour. Stir till the mixture thickens.

Remove it from stove & Add Nutella mix to it. Just fold it in.The mix will be of thick pouring consistency. 

Pour the mixture on the Oreo Crust base and let it set in the refrigerator till you work on the next step.

Note: A good idea i felt during this was to add a little fruits at this step. Strawberry's would go the best i feel. Will have to try that the next time i make.

Step 4: Oreo Pudding !!

Its the most easy step i feel....

In a bowl, Add 1 big cup cold milk & Oreo pudding mix. Beat till the mixture thickens.

or you can follow the instructions on the packet.

Pour this mixture on top of the chocolate mix. 

Break oreo biscuits into 4 pieces and randomly set in inside for a wonderful surprise later.

and again, Refrigerate for 4-5 hrs or till it sets completely.

Step 5: Garnish Options !!

This step is optional or as desired.

Once Completely Set,

Add whipping cream on the top.

and/or Garnish with Chocolate Shavings.

Slice it out and have a big piece before serving it to others ;) i call this tasting.

Enjoy !!

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