Introduction: Chocolate Bowls From Balloons

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In this instructable I will show you how to make bowls made out of Chocolate using Balloons. These chocolate bowls are really easy to make and fun. You can use whatever chocolate that you want. Fill them up with ice cream, whipped cream, fruit, whatever you like. Talk about impressive. This is a great family project to make with the kids, talk about a giggle when you pop the balloons and the bowl is left! Follow the below steps or watch the short video tutorial or do both!


2 cups of Chocolate (I am using Milk Chocolate Melting Wafers, they melt really easily and set up nicely)

Water Balloons

Filling (whatever filling you want to use, whipped cream, sprinkles, ice cream, bananas, etc.)

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Step 1: Blow Up the Balloons

First we want to blow our water balloons up with air. It is very important to use water balloons or another heavy walled balloon. The first time I made these, I had the wrong kind of balloon and when I dipped them in the chocolate they popped!!! And explosion of chocolate, it was everywhere, on my face, clothes, you get the idea. Too bad I wasn't rolling camera for that! haha

Step 2: Melt Your Chocolate

Now let's melt our chocolate. I am going to melt mine in the microwave. You start by cooking it on high for 30 seconds, then stir, then cook it for another 25 to 30 seconds, and stir, then 10 to 15 seconds, until it is nice and runny.

Step 3: Dip the Balloon in Chocolate

Now let's dip our balloon in the chocolate. If you want it to be a nice round top, just push the balloon straight down in, and pull it out. If you want to give the bowl some character move the balloon around from side to side. Then just place the balloon on a baking tray (or any tray) that is lined with parchment paper.

Step 4: Continue With Dipping the Balloons

Another technique is to add a little chocolate base first. So with your spoon grab some chocolate and put it on the parchment paper first, then dip your balloon and place it where the chocolate base is. This will make the base a little more sturdy, but it is not a necessary step. Place the balloon bowls in the Refrigerator to set up. Usually 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes tho, the bottom can be a little thin. If you find your base is too thin, make the base ahead of time, by adding some chocolate bases, then putting the tray in the fridge to let the bases set first, before adding your dipped balloons to the bases.

Step 5: Make Chocolate Designs

A bonus step you can do with your left over chocolate is make little decorations that you can put in your chocolate bowl. Simple drizzle out some designs on parchment paper, and put them in the fridge and let them set (15 to 20 minutes) Save these for later.

Step 6: Pop the Balloons

Now comes the fun part! Once the balloon bowls have set, take them out, and grab a sharp knife or a pin, and pop those balloons!! it is so amazing how the balloon will pop leaving a bowl behind!. Now just clean our the leftover popped balloon. Gently pull on it. Note---Its a good idea to wash the balloons at the beginning. :)

Step 7: Add Your Toppings

Now we just fill up our balloons with whatever toppings you like! Don't forget to use those little designs we made. :)

Step 8: Cost

These balloons are pretty cheap to make. The costs will vary depending on what chocolate you use, and what balloons you buy, and what kind of deals you can find.

Step 9: Video Tutorial

Click the above video to watch the tutorial.

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