Introduction: Chocolate Fudge Cake Polymer Carm

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Everyone likes a good cake... This charm will make you hungry!

These are the steps to make this yummy cake charmS - as in two completing part!

People love this as a mother-daughter necklace / BFFs and so on...

Step 1: Your Tools

What you need:

> Polymer clay in your color of choice
> Cutter tool
> Silicone roll (extra - Pasta machine)
> Smoothing / Shaping tool
> Piercing tool
> a smooth surface like glass, to work on. (CLEAN)
> Coconut oil / any brand clay softener
> Nail polish (clear / glitter)
> Eyepin (example -
> Super glue
> Liquid clay

Step 2: Work on Your Clay

You can see the proportions of clay colors I worked with.

Left to right, I used the colors for - cake external cover, two shades of brown for the cake "fudge", a yellowish color for the middle, purple for decorations, and green and red for the rose.

Now, you need to work on your clay to make it soft - I like rolling to balls, then flattening, folding, and rolling again - until you get a smooth texture.

You can make it easier with a clay softener or a regular coconut oil!
Also, a pasta machine is great help. But you can just use your palms and your roller.

Mix colors as you wish to achieve your desired look!

Step 3: Shape and Mix

Now that you have nice clay balls- take the light brown and yellow colors, and start rolling them in one direction so they start taking the shape of a short thick snake.

For the cake core - slice their edges flat so you can lay them one on top of the other.
Roll them together to get them to connect.

For the chocolate cover - Flatten the dark brown color, and cover your cake evenly.
Turn the cake 360` to check everything is covered in dark brown.
Waves and edges can be smoothed to look like chocolate droppings.

Step 4: Decoration

Time to make it pretty!

Roll long thin snakes of purple, and lay it on top of the cake. Cut the extras from the sides.
Make waves and shapes using the needle, or another sharp tool you have.

Take a piece of your green clay - I used only a small part of mine because I made one leaf. You can make more.
Flatten and pinch the ends of the green clay, to shape it like a leaf, then use the needle to carve the leaf veins.

Roll a small red snake, and flatten it. Then roll it (like a yoga matt).
Add small pieces of flattened balls to the rose core. These will be petals.
Now you can hold the rose with two fingers, and shape it with a wide smooth tool, to make it look like a rose.

Make a small dent in the top of the cake, where you want to place the rose, and put a drop of liquid clay. I haven't used it and so I had to super glue it after baking.

Step 5: Cut a Slice!

Now for the cool part - Cut a slice that will have enough clay to be a charm in itself.
Keep in mind to make a sharp corner.

Pierce it with a needle to achieve a fudge-like texture.

Take two eye pins and insert then gently, where you want the charms to be hanged on a necklace.
After the baking, you should take these out (!), and super glue them in. They can pull out pretty easily otherwise.

Step 6: BAKE and Finish

Now read your clay instructions on the time and temperature you need to use.
I recommend using 10 degrees less, and 5 minutes less. If you feel you need more - you can always heat it for another round! The reason is that ovens tend to miss a few degrees +/-, and we might forget to get to the oven on time. To avoid burning your work - Set up a clock, and check the temperature with a thermometer before putting the cake in.

When it's all baked you can make a nice shine on top with a clear or glittery nail polish. And the charm is ready!

Hope you enjoyed! Thank you for reading :)

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