Introduction: Chocolate Pinata - Whack Them Good

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While smash cake is often for babies turning one, this chocolate pinata is also a (more fun) smashing cake moment for older kids and adults!

This isn't just surprising for the birthday person, but makes great center piece, great present, and great entertainment for everyone at the party.

Don't be surprised when you get calls for possible customers right after the party, because it IS that fun ;-)

Step 1: Materials

While this can be done with any type of mold, silicone is the best! It is easy to unmold the chocolate once harden compares to tin molds. Plastic type mold is also good but my to go is always silicone molds.

This time am showing you the cupcake shaped pinata.

To make one, all you need is the mold as shown, chocolate, edible decoration of your choice (such as fondant, gumpaste, modelling chocolate, wafer paper, sprinkles or even plastic figurines!), and toys and/or gift card of your choice/depending the them of the party or what the birthday person likes.

This doesn't always have to be for birthday party but any type of celebrations!

Step 2: Method

Once you melt chocolate, coat the mold, let it harden and unmold. The quicker way to harden it is obviously inside the fridge/freezer. The length of time for hardening the chocolate is depending on how many coatings you do.

Once unmold, fill up the cavity with whatever you wish. Common things that I fill them up with are chocolates, candies, small figurines, small dolls, small toys, small stuffed animals and gift card.

Once you filled the cavity, melt more chocolate and pipe lightly on the rim (you can even use pastry brush) and attach the top chocolate.

Start decorating!

I usually cover them with see through gift basket wrapper, tie with ribbon and attach a plastic hammer (available online or at toys stores).

Let them have fun, tell them to whack them good ;-)

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