Introduction: Chocolate (gift) Box From Recycled Materials

The idea for these boxes came right before the Saint Nicolas celebrations that goes on in a few countries. Saint Nicolas brings sweets, fruits and nuts to children who have been good and potatoes or a stick to those who have been naughty. The kids usually leave their shoes in a visible place on the night between the 5th and the 6th of Dec for Saint Nicolas to find them and fill them with goodies. Sometimes, this guy is overly generous, so he also leave goodies in a bag or a box. So, I thought why not a cute box, with smiling faces? The box can be used later on for storing little toys or whatever you can think of, as it's pretty sturdy. I hope you find it inspiring!

Step 1: Prepare the Box

- Pick the milk carton box you chose, cut out the top and pain the outside in a dark color, then a light color long heart on top

- Cut out 4 blank paper triangles equal in size. Take 2 triangles, fold out to one side the bottom part of each triangle, then stick together each 2 triangles, leaving the folded part not stuck

- Cut out a small orange paper triangle

- Glue the black paper triangle pairs on the 2 opposites lateral sides of the box and the orange triangle on the front side in the top middle part of the light color heart shape. Draw a pair or eyes

Step 2: Make a Hat...and Finish With a Few More Characters

- Cut a sock in half and secure it to the top of the box with a rubber band if needed

- You can also use the rubber band to close the top of the hat in case that is open

- Repeat the steps to create more characters...and you're done!