Introduction: Chocolate Honeycomb Cheesecake

and now i will tell you of the one time google failed me!

there once existed a recipe of the same name as this which i was rather fond of but has since disappeared from the vast expanse called the internet. a recipe i decided would do nicely as a substitute for a birthday present. but seeing as it was no longer available i had no choice but to improvise with limited (but sufficient (thanks mum)) ingredients and even more limited knowledge to get this! which is actually surprisingly good. so here you go. i sincerely hope you don't face half the problems i have faced during this experiment, absence of recipe which was the least if which. good luck.

Step 1: Ingredients

for this recipe i used (more or less); 250g if digestive biscuits, 120g of unsalted butter, 2 packets of cadburys chocolate honeycomb fingers, 3 crunchies, 1 can of condensed milk (1 1/4 cups), 250g of philadelphia, 450 mLs cream and finally (not pictured) 2 tbsp gelatine although this recipe is unrefined so it might not be the best combination to use. maybe you can experiment yourself a little?

Step 2: Preparing the Tin

cut a circle of grease proof paper the size of the base of the tin and place it inside.

Step 3: Shenanigan 1: the Base

using a food processor (blender?) crush up the biscuits to a fine powder. tip them into a bowl and melt 90g of butter in the microwave and mix in. then melt another 30 because you realise it isn't enough. and mix that in too. or you can do it the short way and melt 120g. once everything is eventually crushed, melted and mixed, press it into the base of the springform pan, but only on the base. put it in the fridge to cool.

Step 4: Shenanigan 2: the Filling

after having scoured the internet and all our recipe books for ANY recipe that had a plain, not cooked filling, i gave in and came up with this concoction. so here goes...

put all the philadelphia cheese into a bowl. beat with beaters until smooth (alternately break your beaters like i did. so guilty). add the condensed milk and beat until smooth again. after doing some emergency washing up, in another bowl beat the cream so that it holds it shape somewhat but isn't fully whipped. then mix that in with the other mixture. then boils some water (only about 5mL-ish, don't need much) to dissolve the gelatine and mix the resulting mixture thoroughly in.

Step 5: And Finally Assemble!!!

put chocolate fingers around the edge of the tin. cut up the crunchies and spread them around on the base. you might want to save some to decorate the top but we used the chocolate fingers (well intended to use them until my brother ate them). slowly pour the main mixture in so as to not disturb the crunchie too much then refrigerate for a few hours.

Step 6: Abscond!! Before They Make You Do the Washing Up

but the cake is still setting so you will have to clean up your own mess, of which there is a lot. i hope you had fun making this and are never lost for a honey comb cheesecake recipe again. let me know in comments if you have anything to add, otherwise, until next time amigos! :D