Introduction: Chopstick Case - Almost Free ( and Which Perhaps Has Other Uses )

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There may be nothing worse than a great Asian dinner with an inadequate pair of chop sticks.  The solution is to take your own, but if you do they may get separated, dirty, or otherwise fuzzed up.  The solution is a clear chopstick case where you can watch the chopsticks in all their glory.

Step 1: Materials and Tool

  • Large soda bottle
  • Clear tape
  • Epoxy

Step 2: Harvest

Harvest a nice rectangle of clear plastic from the bottle.  Also harvest 2 threaded tops, cut them off with a hack saw so you just have the threaded part, clean it up with a file. 

Step 3: Build

Take the rectangle and cut it so when you roll it you get a tube of 1 plus layers and a bit longer than you chopsticks.  Roll it and slip the caps over the ends, this will keep it rolled.  Use the clear tape to seal the seam.  Glue the caps in place with epoxy.  See the pictures.

Step 4: Use and Variations

You should be able to figure out the use yourself, but keep in mind that both caps must be on for secure confinement. 

Different size bottles, and different cutting of the rectangle can give you caes for various uses.  Watch for my upcoming battery case instructable!  

Some credit must go to:  Plastic Soda Bottle Lid Capsule: and where one of the comments may have mentioned this techniques but there are too many comments for me to read.