Introduction: Christmas Bubble Buns

This is my first try at an Instructable.

These are a Christmas treat in my house. We make them for breakfast but some people like them for a dessert.

I like to use disposable bowls for the dipping part because it is hard to wash melted butter off of a microwavable bowl. Disposable pans are also a good idea. Who wants to do dishes while there are presents to open?!?

Step 1: Prep

Get all of your ingredients together. I like to use Pillsbury Biscuits in the mini 4 packs (40 total), Hershey Kisses (1 per bun - I prefer dark chocolate), melted butter, cinnamon & sugar (I like to use Sugar in the Raw - it gives it a bit of a crunch).

Step 2: Wrap the Kisses

Take a biscuit and place a kiss in the center. Wrap it up, making a ball. Try to make it completely closed.

Step 3: Roll in Butter

Roll the "ball of goodness" into the melted butter to coat. This will be what will hold the cinnamon & sugar onto the ball.

Step 4: Roll in Cinnamon Sugar

Roll the buttered balls in the cinnamon sugar mixture. Make sure you mix the mixture thoroughly or some will be more cinnamon covered than others.

Step 5: Place in Pan

Place the finished balls into a greased pan. I used some of the melted butter to grease it. The pan should be big enough to accommodate all of the buns. Don't make it too big or the biscuits will expand too much (You want to be able to eat the kisses easily lol).

It is easier to put the side of the ball that was closed face down in the pan (kiss will be upside down) because if they are not closed all the way the will not open up as they bake.

Step 6: Bake

Place in a preheated oven according to the package directions. For these it was 425 degrees. The package said 8-10 minutes but since I used 4 packages and they are placed close together, it was more like 20-25 minutes. I usually just look to see when they are browned a bit and somewhat firm to the touch.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Remove and let cool. They should be easy to remove with a butter knife or fingers. I never put them on a plate because we eat them too quickly to actually make it that far.

Step 8: Other Options

You can make these with different flavors using different kinds of kisses. One year we did a chunky apple pie filling instead of a kiss. Be creative!