Introduction: Christmas Candle Lantern

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Hello Instructables!
Normally at this time of year Myself and the Charity I work with, BOOM! Community Arts, would be preparing for Possilpark's Christmas lights turn on event were the community comes together for a lantern parade. Unfortunately due to current Covid restrictions we can't have our usual event But BOOM!, Myself and several other organisations are doing all we can to bring a little light to this time of year.

So in this instructable I am going to show you how to make a Candle lantern.

Its quick and easy and looks great in multiples.

I apologies in advance for the difficulty in seeing the frosted plastic in the photos but i have also included a video and a hand drawn "how to" to make things easier.


What yule need
A3 sheet of frosted plastic - I am using on half of an open top slip folder.

A6 sheet of red/yellow/orange coloured plastic - if you dont have some coloured plastic you can just use a clear bit and colour it in :)
Permanent pens

Battery operated lights



Step 1: Cutting the Sheet and Colouring It In

If you are using a open top slip folder cut along the joined edges to make 2 A3 sheets. You will only need one bit.

Now take your sheet and roll it into a tube, you are gonna have about 10cm of excess. Cut that off but DONT THROW IT AWAY, you will need it in a bit.

Now take your big bit and add your design to it :)

Step 2: Cutting the Rest and Assembly

Take your smaller strip of frosted plastic (The bit that you didn't throw away earlier) and remembering not to cut all the way up cut some drips along it to look like melted wax.

Take your coloured bit of plastic and cut it into a flame shape.

Now take your big bit of frosted plastic, roll it into a tube again (if there is any writing on it make sure its the right way round) and tape it in place.

Now tape the "drippy" bit at the top. You can even leave a gap between this and the tube to make it look a bit more three dimensional.

Tape the flame to the inside of the tube at the front :)

Step 3: Add a Little Light

Now depending on the length of lights you use you may want to fold the length in half or even quartered (that's what I did) and using the middle most lights tape them to the back of the flame. This ensures that all your lights dont fall to the bottom.

Step 4: Finished

Aaaaand you are done!

Well once again I hope you enjoyed this instructable and as always thoughts/comments/criticisms and even pictures of your own Candle lanterns are welcome in the comments below :)

Stay safe and have a merry Christmas

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