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About: I'm a Mechancial/Aerospace Engineer that likes to tinker in my spare time. I make my own Christmas Cards.
Every year I like to draw up a Christmas Card to send out to my friends and family. When I was younger I remember my dad drawing a card every year, which he still does to everyone's delight. You could flip through them to see an animation of my family growing up. My aunt also draws a card up.

This is my card for 2012. It's showing my nephew and I walking up to meet my mother, who passed away this year, in the reconstructed house of our ancestors in Ireland. In the second slide I have some annotations as to what everything is.

I've been making cards since 2004 and I like to make them funny, cute, and touching. This year I went out on a limb a bit by making one about something very personal, my mom. I felt that, if I am going to put this out to all of my friends I should share it with the Instructables community too.

Happy holidays to you all and I'd love to see your card ideas! If this goes well I might put up some past cards also.

I made this gallery to also show the steps I took to make the card. I use a light box I had built for this, which I hope to make an Instructable later.

  • Scratch Paper
  • Bristol Board
  • Pencils
  • Pens

Cost: $0.60 - $5.00 per card depending on if you use color, card material, postage, etc...
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