Christmas Dangle Earrings

Introduction: Christmas Dangle Earrings

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The Supplies you need:
1.Polymer Clay – green, red, white, a touch of brown.
2.Pasta/Clay roller (optional but recommended)
3.Mini Cutters (Cookie/Clay)
4. Polymer Clay "tools" - optional
5.Earring findings – French hook
6.Small chain – about 3 inches 6.22 gauge silver wire – about a foot
1.Rosary pliers
2.Wire cutters
3.Small nose pliers
9.Triple Glaze or other polymer sealant.

These are the items I used. Many items are optional, others can be replaced by other items. For instance a clay roller/pasta roller is great to have but you can get by just rolling the clay out by hand.

Step 1: Prepare the Clay.

Knead the clay until it’s pliable. Run it through the rolling machine – starting on a thick roll, progressively going to smaller thickness. Sometimes when you purchase clay it can be a little hard (kept in warehouses and stock not rotated properly).

Use Sculpey MoldMaker to condition the clay – again, running it through the roller. If the clay crumbles, it is too dry and not viable any longer. If you had just purchased it, try to return it. If you’ve had it in your craft drawer – trash it.

Step 2: Cut It Out.

I roll the clay through the number 7 on my machine.
Roll it to a thickness that the earring will not be too heavy for the ear but thick enough to hold the 22 gauge wire.

It can sometimes be difficult to get the clay out of the cutter. You can use a small pokey something (technical term) along the edge to gently push it out. You can fix up any dents or messes in the next steps.

Step 3:

I use a wood cutter/chisel that I have to make indents simulating the tree limbs.

You can also use a straw and cut it in half lengthwise. The end is a half-moon which will accomplish the same thing.

Roll teeny, tiny beads of red clay as ornaments. You can use any color you’d like or/and use small jewels/rhinestones.

Step 4: Give the Tree Some Bark.

Have a VERY thin piece of brown clay. Drape it over the small stump at the bottom of the tree.

Step 5: Make It Real.

Work the brown clay around the bottom of the tree, shaping it into a square/rectangular shape.

Using any sort of straight edge clay tool, shape the tree trunk by wrapping the layer of brown around the green. Using the same tool, place lines to simulate tree bark.

Step 6: Trim the Tree.

Finish the tree off by adding the loop for attachment. Place a drop of Crazy Glue on the wire and push into the soft clay.

A link for GREAT instructions on making this loop can be found on a post on my Facebook page - Wrapped Loop on WigJig.

Also you can add a “faux” star. I used a small rhinestone/jewel at the very tippity top.

Step 7: Let's Make Some Stockings Too.

Let’s start on some red stockings. Roll out some thin layered white clay. Lay the stocking on top of the white clay. The white clay is going to be used as the “cuff” of the stocking. I used white clay with a bit of a sparkle to it.

Step 8: Fashion the Stocking Cuff.

Cut the white clay into a square piece under the stocking leaving excess along all sides.

Fold and shape the white cuff on the back of the red stocking. Flip it over to the front and shape the white clay to look like a fluffy cuff.

Step 9: Make the Cuff Look Nice and Fluffy.

Using your half circle tool, gouge dents into the white clay giving the appearance of fluffiness. Along the edge, make half circles. Don’t let the edge be straight across as this will deter from the "fluffy" look.

Step 10: Make the Toes and Heel.

We would like the toe and heel to appear as if it "repaired" the sock.

Form a thin layer of green over the heel and toe in the same manner as the white cuff. Use the Exacto knife to make a pattern similar to a fabric weave being used to mend the stocking.

Step 11: Your Ears Are in the Holiday Spirit.

Remember to attach a wire wrapped loop into the stocking with a dab of Crazy Glue.

Bake the clay per instructions.

Finish off with Triple Glaze or some other clay finish.

Attach the chain by opening the loops slightly and attaching to the wire wrapped loops on the charms. Use your flat nose pliers for this. Open the small loop on your earring wire, attach the chain.

You may have to twist the charms on their wrapped wire slightly to make them hang correctly.

Make the dangle as long or as short as you wish. Make one longer than the other. It’s your design – make it for you.

Step 12: Thank You for Visiting Our Instructional Presentation.

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