Introduction: Christmas Decoration With String Art

You only need some time and imagination to create your own christmas tree decoration!

In this Instructables there is no rule just choose your pattern, your favorite yarn and take a few glue and toohtpicks, and...

Let's go!!!


You will need:

  • Yarn (colours of your choice)
  • Styrofoam
  • Toothpick or Sewing pins
  • Liquid glue
  • A patterns of christmas tree or a patterns your choice

Step 1: Let´s Knit

At the beginning stick the toohtpicks according to the pattern at the Styrofoam.

Then try to separate the yarn, it usually consists of 5 thinner yarns.

Take the first thread and dip it in the glue, continue to knit the tree from the outside and then the inside.

*You can watch the procedure in video*

I used 3 yards of 1m

Wait for the yarns to dry so that the toothpicks peel off

Step 2: Another Style of Knitting

the same procedure follows (as step 1)
A few tips:

  • Use the whole yarn (don´t seperate it) for a stronger frame
  • Use a needle to fill the inside of the tree
  • Add more toothpicks to make the frame stabil

Step 3: The Result

I hope you enjoyed the result and that you have to try it!

Stay creative :)

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