Introduction: Christmas Tree Ornament

This is a simple Christmas tree ornament you can use paint, crayons, or pencils. I used pencils in this Instructable but, the same technique can be used with paint or crayons to.


you will need....

scissors yarn (any color) crayons, paint, or colored pencils, red, green, and brown. paper

Step 1: Drawing the Stump

draw stump by drawing a rectangle a good size for the size of the tree and color it in.

Step 2: Drawing the Pines

How you draw the pines is draw lines back and fourth continuously with the green and slowly get smaller.

-This was kind of hard to explain in writing the pictures will help.

Step 3: Decorating

add any lights or ornaments by drawing them on the tree.

-I ended up adding a star on the top.

Step 4: Cut Out Your Design

cut out your design.

Step 5: Cut Hole and Add Yarn

poke a hole with the scissors and add the desired length of yarn.

- You are now done

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