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Introduction: Handmade Leather Pouch for X-mas Gift

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I've made a leather money pouch for my wife for x-mas.
- clean work area
- rubber mallet
-utility knife
- Awl
- stamping tools
*z-a104 ,*z-p217 ,*z-b701 ,*z-5706
- Hollow punch
*5\32 ,*1\8
- Swivel knife
- 2 small sponges
- sewing needles
- pencil
- paper
- veg tanned leather 4( 8oz pieces 1st 7in x 3in ,2nd 7in x 5in ,3rd 2in x 3\4in ,4th 3in x 3\4in )
- brown swayed deer skin 2( 4oz pieces 1st 12in x 5in ,2nd 18in x 1\2in )
- waxed thread
- small 1in belt buckle
- leather dye
* brown leather dye #2600-03
* supper shene leather finish #2610-01


For the back I picked a drawing of two flower I did some time ago, but my wife loves it luckily it was the right size for the back from another one of my sketches of my wife's name for the front.


put both 7in x 5in , 7in x 3in pieces of leather together rough sides facing each other make sure bottom 7in line and sides are all lined up than using the utility knife cut both bottom corner pieces to liking do the same to top of 7x5in piece do not cut top two corners of 7x3in piece.


after rounding the edges leaving the two pieces lined up with the 7x3in piece on top but at bottom using the awl make a groove 1/8in from edge on the three sides that are bottom left and right like a U. than make evenly spaced holes with awl all the way around in the groove going through both pieces of leather for stitching flip over than groove between holes with awl and if you want make sure all hole are big enough with awl.
than I took the 2x3\4in piece of leather and fold it in half making the ends even ,at open end using the awl I made a square of evenly spaced stitching holes than grooved between the holes with the awl than on folded end made a small groove in center from from side facing me to other than open leather up and cut that ~1\2in line and widened to my liking using utility knife. with the last piece of leather 3x3\4in groove a line down the center long ways, than place one end on the top edge of the 7x5in piece of leather in the center, than I made holes for stitching and grooved between the holes all done with awl. lol than on same piece punch holes evenly spaced following the groove in center (5\32 hollow punch) punch a hole through both pieces of leather in center of stitching square, now with the awl on 7x5in piece of leather on opposite end of stitches make a light groove 1\4in from edge from top stitch hole to top stitch hole than punch holes evenly space following the groove i just made with the 1\8 inch hollow punch.


On the smooth slide of the 7x5in piece of leather I dampened the leather than placed flower design exactly where I wanted it to be on the leather ,tape it in place than using the stylist I traced the design exactly leaving an imprint of the design on leather remove paper design. now using the swivel knife and I cut the imprint exactly following the imprint. than using stamping tools and rubber mallet I stamped the detail further bringing out the design.
on the smooth side of 7x3in piece of leather after dampening leather placing and taping design exactly where I wanted it. than traced with stylist leaving imprint in leather, remove paper design. now using the swivel knife and I cut the imprint exactly following the imprint. than using stamping tools and rubber mallet I stamped the detail further bringing out the design.


laying 7x5in piece of leather design down rough side up than lay 12x5in piece of deer skin on top most over the edge of leather not going above stitching holes but covering them all. now cut off most deer skin covering leather leaving 1\4in deer skin on leather covering stitching holes, tape to leather in place, now taped cut the bit hanging off the edge of leather in 1\8in frays not completely cutting so all is still one piece.
on second piece of deer skin cut into two 18x1\4in stripes.


Using sponges to apply coats to leather (not) deer skin ,let all coats dry before starting next coat.
1st coat supper shene leather finish
2nd coat brown leather dye ( wipe excess off with sponge ,than let dry.)
3rd another heavy coat of supper shene.
3 total coats


stitching style varies on the person
folding 2x3\4in piece of leather in half putting 1in belt buckle in fold belt prong going through the slit previously cut ,line up hole to stitching square with 7x3in piece of leather. now using waxed thread and needle stitch the 2x3\4in & 7x3in pieces together tie and cut thread wen done.
using 3x3\4in & 7x5in leather pieces line up holes for stitching square, than stitch just the holes in square tie and cut thread wen done.
lay 7x5 in piece of leather down rough side up stitching holes towards you, U shaped deer skin down covering stitching holes 1\4in on leather, tape deer skin to leather, now place 7x3in piece of leather on top rough side down pattern up using awl to poke through deer skin and line up stitching holes, once lined up use thread and needle stitch together.
you should come out with a almost finished pouch just 1\8 holes at top and two 18x1\4in deer skin strips left.
with one strip tie a knot at one end, than going from inside pouch to outside go through each hole going to slightly bigger 5\32in center hole in stitching going down through hole from smooth to rough side. do the same from other side with other piece of deer skin once both ends r going down through 5\32in hole tie together and knot cut extra off.
now you should have a beautiful custom leather money pouch ready to use or gift in my case its for my wifes x-mas gift.

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