Christy's Display Cage and Cabinet

Introduction: Christy's Display Cage and Cabinet

Step 1: Cabinet Assembly

Find the 1/2" plywood bottom where the casters will go. Use the silver screws marked for casters. You will find the front is marked on the bottom. Start with the back panel "A" and line up the predrilled holes of the plywood which fits over the bottom crossbar of the back panel. Use 1 1/4" screws to attach all panels to the bottom. The right panel is marked "B" as looking at the base from the front. Then attach the left side "C", followed by the front panel. Once the panels are in place, finish with the 1/4" plywood piece for the top and attach with 1" screws.

Step 2: Cage Bottom and Panels A, AA, B, and C Assembly

Set the bottom on top of the cabinet and slide the back of the cage bottom off of the back edge of the base.

Before any further assembly, attach the Plexiglas pieces to the corresponding panel. The plexiglas is marked on the side that faces inside the cage and is the top edge. Peel the protective film from both sides of plexiglas and attach using the black 1/2" pan head screws.

Line up the lower back panel A with the predrilled holes in the underside of the cage bottom. Attach three 2" screws from the bottom into the panel. Next, panel AA is attached to panel A using 1 5/8" screws from the upper crossbar of panel A into the lower crossbar of panel AA. You might use a clamp to hold the panels tight until the screws are in.

Next, go clockwise to Panel B and attach the same way as Panel A with 2" screws. Then use 1 5/8" screws to attach Panel B to Panel AA in the predrilled holes in the back of the door frame.

Then go across to Panel C. Assemble same as Panel B.

Step 3: Drawer Placement and Bottom Screen Grate Assembly

Place the slide out drawer in place. Then use the spacer strips I supplied and lay them on top of the drawer edges as shown. Then lay the screen grate on top of those. Note the edge that is marked "front". Use 1 5/8" screws to the back and sides using the predrilled holes. The last screw in front will go into Panel D in the next step.

It might be a little tough to pull the drawer out to remove the spacers, but they will fall out of place as it moves.

Step 4: Panels D, DD, and Top Assembly

Use the two spacers on top of the drawer face and set Panel D on top of those. Attach Panel D to Panels B and C using 1 5/8" screws going from the inside of the door frames into Panel D. Then set Panel DD on top of Panel D. Attach one 1 5/8" screw from the top crossbar of D into bottom crossbar of DD where the little door is. This is where you put the final screw of the screen grate into the bottom crossbar of Panel D.

Then attach DD to B and C the same way as panel D.

Then set the top on top of the panels and tighten with 1 1/4" screws. You can leave the crown moulding attached while doing the top. Just re-tighten the screws holding the moulding to the top.

Finally, The lights have little clips that hold them in place on top of the screen.

Thats it. Use furniture polish on the wood to keep it beautiful and put a little shine in it. Use microfiber cloth to keep plexiglas clean.

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