Introduction: Chunky Knitted Scarf

About: I'm a self taught knitter who learnt by watching YouTube videos! 💛❤️

Have you been decluttering lately? And have you found an old ball of yarn that you give up on using? I know I have! Everyone has a ball of yarn hidden somewhere, dig it out and make some use of it! Or if you don't have any buy some 💰 Turn your old clutter in to a much loved possession!
This is very basic so the only skills you need are to be able to cast on, do a basic knit stitch and cast off. Keep reading, and turn that clutter in to something worth having!

This scarf is the best winter warmer and comes with ALOT of style! It's dusky pink and easy to make to sell, give away or keep for yourself! Keep watching to achieve this style...


Knitting needle, size 8 uk
Chunky yarn
The ability to knit
Cast on....
And cast off
patience and dedication is also needed! Without further ado, let's get in to it...

Step 1: Cast on

Cast on 54 stitches for this super chunky scarf! This will make the scarf very wide and unique. Unlike any scarf.

Step 2: Start Knitting

For this entire scarf, you need to do a basic knit! That's all! No fancy patterns just a billy basic knit stitch.

Step 3: Knit the Scarf

Knit knit knit. That's all you need to do until it's the desired length. 😀

Step 4: Cast Off

Once you get to a length you want, which should be really long for particular scarf, cast off. This is a simple step.

Step 5: It's Done!

It's as simple as that
Cast on 54 stitches, knit the desires amount of rows,
Cast off
And you've got a beautiful scarf! I hope you like this design. Please give this a comment or favourite it. Thanks guys and I hope this give you a good idea.
Best wishes 🌈