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Introduction: Cinnamon Bun for One Custom Made

Sometimes you might get a craving for a cinnamon bun but the bakery is sold out or they just have some with icing on and you don't like icing on your cinnamon bun. Or maybe you saw my instructable and picked up a package of Pillsbury (or other brand) cinnamon buns in a tube and beside it is midnight and the bakery is closed. Well get out your coffee mug and make yourself a delicious cinnamon bun to your own specifications.

Step 1: If You Are Craving a Quick Snack of the Cinnamon Bun Variety

Because these are individual custom made cinnamon buns I used a variety of baking containers. I used a mug and it worked fine but because the buns were small I had to use 2 forks to get them out of the mug. I also used a small white ceramic bowl that I put sauces etc in. I liked that much better but I think it would be too small for the larger cinnamon buns.

I baked these in a microwave oven. If you are going to use a microwave oven watch your timing very carefully. I cooked these buns for a maximum of 1 minute at power level 2 or 3. The microwave will dry out the buns if they are in for even a few seconds too long.

For the cinnamon bun this time I used Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (small size) which may have been a mistake. I think the large size of their cinnamon buns may have made a better bun.

Since these are Sin Buns, we need some devilish ingredients such as:

Butter, about a scant teaspoon or more per bun in the mug or bowl

Brown Sugar again about a scant tablespoon or more depending on your taste.

Nuts, whatever variety you want to add to the buns

Raisins, currents and cranberries according to your taste.

A splash of Vanilla Coffee Creamer, 18% Coffee Cream or Whipping Cream.


Step 2: Here We Go - Have Fun - Experiment

Definitely experiment. Just remember you can eat your disasters.

I put a chunk of butter in the bottom of the mug and melted it for 10 seconds.

I then put a lump of brown sugar in with the melted butter and mixed the two together.

I then put in a small splash of Vanilla Coffee Creamer and stirred it in with the butter and brown sugar.

I then lowered a cinnamon bun from the package into the mug on top of the sauce.

I then cooked it in the microwave for 1 minute. I tried setting the power to 2 and power 3. I don't know if it made any difference. I also put a plate on top of some and not on others and I am not sure that made a difference either.

I removed the bun after a minute and let it sit for another few minutes (so I could drink my coffee). I then plated the bun and outfitted it with fruit (raisins, currents, cranberries, etc) and or nuts (walnuts, pecans and almonds). I then rewarmed the sauce at the bottom of the mug and poured it over the bun and the nuts etc. There was icing in the package and I applied it to some of the buns. I also added it to the sauce in others and preferred this use of the icing.

As for the rest of the buns in the package, I wrapped each of the remaining uncooked buns and put them in the freezer. I have never tried cooking them after being frozen but when I do I will add the results to this instructable. As for the cooked buns, I also wrapped them and froze them.

Step 3: Here Are Some of My Results

Unfortunately my camera work does not show the decadence of these buns.

Pecan and carmel sauce

Nuts and raisins I tried turning this bun over in the mug half way through cooking but I don't know that it made a differnce.

Nuts, raisins and caramel sauce

Nuts, raisins, caramel sauce and white icing

Chocolate Chaos containing nuts and chocolate caramel sauce. Only for the adventurous.

Step 4:

I preferred the small ceramic bowl to the mug because of the size of the buns, but I only tried that towards the end.

I tried cooking one of the buns in a plastic microwaveable container but I feel that the larger size would have done better. There is a picture of it before coating with caramel sauce and one with it coated.

Next time I use the tube buns, I will try rolling out the dough and using it like I would the yeast dough. One day when I pull those frozen buns out of the freezer.

Future Plans

Next time that I make individual cinnamon buns I will make sure that I have a tasting crew available.

I will also try using frozen yeast bread dough that I saw in the frozen bakery section of the supermarket.

I will also have some different toppings such as candied mixed fruit and dried fruit chopped up.

I will roll out the dough (which I didn't do this time) and put the sauce mixture without the cream and the fruit, nuts or whatever in the dough and roll it up and slice it to a size that will fill the coffee cup etc or whatever container I will use.

I will make the caramel sauce again but separately and thicker and spoon it on top of the bun.

And I will post the results here. Happy snacking.

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